Two Turntables drops New EP for Underground Clubs Ravers

The new Two Turntables EP - Music Freak Game Changer brings a fresh, dark and heavy-hitting sound for underground bass dancefloors & ravers
The new Two Turntables EP - Music Freak Game Changer brings a fresh, dark and heavy-hitting sound for underground bass dancefloors & ravers

Two Turntables is a trio made up of DJs, sound engineers, and producers Adam Lyko, Kuba Bebenek & Jarek Kmiecik with a focus on Bass music inspired by the underground rave sounds of the 90′. A must for any of their productions is that it has to include at least one aspect created with the use of a classic turntable. In their first year of producing together, they released three singles that ranged from D&B to Ambient music. Now, they have just released their first EP entitled Two Turntables – Music Freak / Game Changer. The EP is made up of two tracks titled Music Freak, and Game Changer, which both include a mix of the classic Breakbeat sound along with modern production. While the two tracks from the new Two Turntables EP share a similar song structure, they are both unique in the layers they bring forth while also both having a sound directed to underground club ravers.

Two Turntables – Music Freak / Game Changer opens with the track Music Freak. It immediately establishes its lively and attention-grabbing Breakbeat sampled drum groove. A dry but booming kick drum is added to the mix shortly thereafter which really elevates the temperature of the track. A sharp-edged throbbing bass also joins the fray along with added voice samples to solidify the main groove. A breakdown section occurs next as the beat drops out leaving the throbbing bass along with some new layers that include a quick trembling solo synth along with some harmonic orchestral layers that both build and retract upon the intensity of the track. The beat gradually fades back in establishing the track’s second half of bliss that combines the new ear candy from the breakdown section with the original layered groove that was constructed during the song’s introduction.

Unlike Music Freak, Game Changer opens by immediately combining its Breakbeat sampled drum groove with some modern digital layers. The sonic focus over the track’s groove switches between fast-moving synth arpeggios, to slow melodic bass drones, and also quick spoken voice samples. Combinations of these focuses will also occur throughout the remainder of the track. Like Music Freak, Game Changer also contains a breakdown section introducing some new invigorating layers and ear candy. Again, the beat returns offering up an elongated conclusion to the new Two Turntables EP combining all elements from the early groove establishment as well as the breakdown section.

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Stream Two Turntables – Music Freak / Game Changer on Spotify below!

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