[#TRAP] Week 35 – FESTIVAL TRAP EDITION featuring Showtek, Bro Safari and More!

Week 35 is a lucky week for Trap music lovers and DJs! We have 3 editions of our most popular weekly feature TRAP, BASS & TWERK! 3 brand new playlists with the best of Trap music for free download.

*FESTIVAL TRAP EDITION (Progressive House/Big Room influenced Trap)
*GANGSTA TRAP EDITION (Hip Hop influenced Trap)
*TRILLWAVE EDITION (Chillwave/Ambient influenced Trap)

You are now browsing our Festival Trap edition! This music definitely have festival written all over it! Big build ups, uplifting melodies and heavy bass drops! You know what you’re getting yourself into! This playlist features: Party Favor, Showtek, Hardwell, W&W, Austin Millz, Avicii, Trill Ferrell, Borgore, Jake Purps, Brass Knuckes, GTA, Henrix, Digital Lab, Kid Cedek, Bro Safari & Space Laces. Best thing about this compilation? All free downloads! Enjoy the music and don’t forget to show some social media love!

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