Tibasko – Only You is a Breaks-Infused Melodic Techno Gem

Recently emerging on the House music scene is the young British duo Tibasko who is already receiving wide acclaim by DJ stalwarts such as Danny Howard, TSHA, Annie Mac & The Blessed Madonna for their recent release ‘Only You.’ Rolled out via Another Rhythm Records, Tibasko – Only You is a genre-defying release, highlighted for its boundless production value. Based on this tenacious release, we’re sure listening to Tibasko live will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

‘Only You’ is formulated as a two-track EP that opens with an ambient aura. It is laced with dynamic musical structures and vibrant harmonies that prominently drive the influence of undulating cadences. This Another Rhythm Records release is resplendent with broken and syncopated drums. While Tibasko – Only You has a Melodic House and Techno vibe, it also encompasses a Breaks influence to create a tearing club-ready mix. The spell of eccentric beats coupled with robust basslines creates a nuanced delivery. The intricate motifs with the juxtaposition of instrumental transcendence and over-arching vocal samples invoke a visceral and uplifting aura.

This upbeat track comes with pulsating synth and mesmerizing consonance that will entrap you in its trance. ‘Only You’ features a brilliant elemental breakdown which brings a breathing space with a melodic drop followed by a transformative incremental progression. The song is surrounded by crunchy beats and audacious swings where potent bass and funky breakdowns inject catchy hooks into this mesmerizing blend. All these intricate shades will definitely translate monumentally in Tibasko Live performances.

This release from Another Rhythm Records wafts and surges with fervent percussive energy. It has a bass-throttled synergy and funkiness elevating the overlapping melodies that fill an energetic edge cranking up the mood to transcendent temperature. Therefore, ‘Only You’ is an intricate interweaving of instrumental layering evolving into its own sonic dimension. We’re sure hearing this impressive release in the upcoming Tibasko Live performances will blow you away!

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More About Tibasko:

British electronic duo, TIBASKO, are effectively establishing themselves as purveyors of an epic, highly melodic electronica sound that tears off somewhere between breaks, melodic house and techno, and trance.

TIBASKO are constructing the foundations for their rise within the scene. True to form, their string of singles this year have flourished an exponential evolution of this exhilarating act. With a backbone of broken beats and elegantly intertwining synths, they evoke an atmosphere that delicately balances nostalgic yearning and visceral punch.

Their last year has received recognitions from BBC Introducing, naming them in ‘The Hot List’ of acts late 2019 and number three in BBC Introducing ‘Ones To Watch 2020’ list.

TIBASKO’s ability to evoke intense, heartfelt emotions while never losing sight of the dancefloor is precisely what connects them so firmly to their audience, and their 2020 singles have consistently been prime examples of their impressive alchemy.