thook – Natural Instincts [Trap]


thook is showcasing his cutting-edge production this week with a new EP. Out right now on UZ’s Quality Goods Records is Natural Instincts, which puts five fresh beats on display for bass and trap fans.

We most recently got hold of TYNAN and thook’s “Voidless,” and it’s a certified banger. The Canadian opens his EP with a UZ collaboration – “Heat” demonstrates Eastern melodies and cavernous atmosphere. Following that is the punchy “Green Boi,” before “Hesitations” steps in as a rhythmical groover. “Shock” is laced with distorted edge and “Tornado” rounds things off with wonky riffs aplenty.

Check it!

About thook:

thook started producing because of SoundCloud. He found a lot of small, unbelievable beat-makers who were breaking sounds, and it inspired him to do the same – despite never producing before. Influenced by Mr. Carmack, Mura Masa, Stooki Sound, RL Grime, thook incorporates hip hop elements, along with an undertone of Middle Eastern music; his sound sits somewhere in the middle, playing through a broken amp and distorted speakers. thook is a fan of sampling something untraditional, and flipping it to make a bass. His main mantra: the laws of sound are pretty much limitless when you know how to process things.

He was introduced to Macedonian and middle-eastern music from a very young age, and went to weddings practically every week. The music there is heavily percussion based, with fast arpeggiated instruments like the clarinet and oboe. At his core, this is where his inspiration comes from.

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