The Best Spotify Playlists: How to Find Them

Best Spotify Playlists How To Find Them EKM
Best Spotify Playlists How To Find Them EKM

Whether you’re trying to liven up a party, wind down by yourself, or just get through the workday, having a killer playlist is crucial. It’s easy enough to find a playlist on Spotify, but let’s be honest; you’re not just looking for any old collection of songs, you’re looking for the best Spotify playlists.

Now, finding the best Spotify playlists shouldn’t be a gruelling task. If you spend too much time searching then someone else might just snatch the aux cord you’ll wind up being subjected to three hours of classic polka jams. Don’t worry, we’re going to break down how to find Spotify playlists and even give you some of the best Spotify playlists of 2019 while we’re at it.

Table of contents

1. Constant Updates
2. New Horizons VS. Nostalgia
3. Know Your Best Spotify Playlists’ Genre
4. Be Specific
5. Follow The People Who Curate the Best Spotify Playlists

Constant Updates

One of the most exciting features about Spotify playlists is that they can be updated and rearranged constantly. If you follow the right playlist then you’ll get a steady stream of new music on top of the tracks that convinced you to follow in the first place. These playlists generally focus on new music, or they’ll mention that they update in their description.

The playlist above is already amazing as is. It’s curated to have only the best of the new stuff. You won’t be sifting through sloppy tracks looking for gold, it’s already been done for you. The best techno artists on the scene, like Maceo Plex, Adam Beyer, Nicole Moudaber, Yotto, Alan Fitzpatrick, Pig & Dan, and Undercatt will be gracing your ears with nothing but their latest materials.

Even better than the fact that there are over 500 songs on this playlist is the fact that it is always being updated and that means you’re always being updated. This factor alone takes this from being just a solid playlist to being one of the best Spotify playlists. Following this playlist means you’re guaranteed to be updated on best and newest music from established and up-and-coming techno artists. What else can you ask for in life, really?

New Horizons VS. Nostalgia

Keeping up with the new releases can be exhilarating but it can also be exhausting. Sometimes the best Spotify playlist is the one that’s nothing but songs you know from the artists you love. That’s what this classic dubstep list does. Throwing this playlist on is the perfect way to take a trip back in time and revisit the hits of some of the greatest dubstep artists. You’ve got Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop” along with their remix of The Freestylers “Crack.” Skrillex, Nero, Noisia, Rusko, Doctor P, Zeds Dead and Excision are blaring their hits throughout the mix. Emalkay, Bassnectar, Modestep, Delta Heavy, Zomboy, what else is there to say? You won’t find a better compilation of classic dubstep artists anywhere else. 

The key to finding a playlist like this is the keywords you use. You want some old tunes? Try using words like “classic” or “retro” and you’ll be guaranteed to filter out newer tracks. Conversely, if you’re looking for what’s new, you want to try using words like “top” or “new.”

Know Your Best Spotify Playlists’ Genre

You can’t just wander into a Baskin-Robbins and ask for an ice cream. They’ve got 31 flavours to pick from and you won’t get anywhere unless you know which flavour you want. Think of Spotify playlists as an ice cream flavours, only there are way more than 31 genres. The good news is Spotify has a playlist for everything. You want to hear a collection of the newest indie dance and nu disco artists? Done. This playlist has 14 hours of just that and it’s available at the press of a button. That’s enough for even the longest shift at work. 

This playlist features big name nu disco artists like Purple Disco Machine, Roosevelt, Satin Jackets, and more. Purple Disco Machine has been tearing up the scene since the release of “My House” way back in 2013 and he shows no signs of stopping in 2019. The playlist features a couple of his 2017 tracks along with some remixes by Yolanda Be Cool and Kenny Dope. If you haven’t dipped into the nu disco scene yet then this playlist is a perfect jumping off point.

Now, you might be saying “okay, that’s cool, but nu disco is pretty underground. What if I want something more mainstream?” I already told you: Spotify has a playlist for everything.

Change Up Your Search Terms to Find the Best Spotify Playlists

Don’t forget there are multiple ways to find the same genre. You might throw “DNB” into the search engine when looking for drum & bass artists to save some typing time, but throwing in the whole name might lead to entirely new playlists. Such a small thing could be the difference between finding a dated playlists someone threw together 5 years ago or finding the playlist above which features some of the most relevant drum & bass artists on the scene. Not only does this playlist have a strong showing already, but it’s consistently updated to keep up with new releases. Junk Mail’s “Lock Stock” and the Macky Gee remix of Wilkinson’s “All For You” only just hit the public space and they’re already on the list!

Alongside some of the fresher faces are longstanding drum & bass fixtures like Teddy Killerz, Macky Gee, Dimension, Upgrade, Chase & Status, Camo & Krooked and Andy C, who are showing no signs of quitting anytime soon. Teddy Killerz 2019 release “Assassins” is featured bright and early on the playlist to give you a taste of their freshest sounds. Whether you’re looking for the newest drum & bass artists on the scene, or just looking to catch up with some old favourites, this is the playlist for you.

Be Specific

The thing about genres is that most of them are so vast that they are further categorized in subgenres. It’s not enough anymore to say you like house music. What kind of house do you like? Deep house? Tech house? Bass house? Lo-fi? The more specific you get, the more likely you are to find the best Spotify playlist for your taste.

The above playlist has painstakingly curated some of the greatest deep/lo-fi house artists on the scene. You can hear some of the latest from artists like Bongbeck, and Sames, who just released a new single, “Avalanche,” this April. The playlist covers a wide variety of deep house artists and the 165 songs currently on it run for over 18 hours. You’ll never have to hear the same song twice if you don’t want to, and the playlist is constantly being updated to stay fresh.

You like house but you don’t like deep house? Not a problem.

Tech house artists like Fisher, Mark Knight, Chris Lake, Prok & Fitch, Walker & Royce, Audiojack and more are here to take care of you on this playlist.

Follow The People Who Curate the Best Spotify Playlists

It can be easy to forget that the playlists you’re following are all curated by an actual Spotify user. After all, Spotify autogenerates quite of few playlists of its own specifically for you and it tends to promote those more than other lists.. But, when you find yourself starting to amass a collection of playlists you might notice a familiar user name coming up again and again. When that happens, it’s a good idea to just subscribe straight to the source. Not only will you stay up-to-date on playlists they create, but you’ll also be able to see what music they’re currently listening to and this is a great way to keep a constant new stream of music coming your way.

You may notice that the curator for the playlists in this post is the same throughout. If you like what you’ve heard, then head over here to follow us and make sure you don’t miss out!

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