Sames – Control | Music Video

The new Sames song Control & its music video bring sexy late night Deep House vibes with dense, organic energy. Being as strict and as authentic as Deep House can get, the track hypnotizes and emerges the listener into its warm, thick, almost claustrophobic atmosphere.

To make Control work, Sames uses classic smooth, a bit dimmed on the high-end production of the mid 90s House with modern harsh compression techniques. The refrain of Control repeats through the entire song like some kind of mantra. As the drum section “flattens” every other element aside from the vocals like a rolling pin, the latter stay above, and, despite the half-whispering tone, dominate the track. However, this does not mean that it makes irrelevant what’s happening on the lower levels. Whether it’s the owl-like synths or the foggy atmospheres and thin risers, with Sames – Control you get exactly what you expect when you hear the phrase sexy late night Deep House vibes. Atop of that, the nocturnal atmosphere of the song plays with a trippy, psychedelic concept. It makes you question whether you’re having an extremely vivid dream, or you’re trapped in a drug-induced prison of your own consciousness.

This turbidity eventually becomes a part of the state of mind of the listener. It’s a situation when your mind is fully aware of what’s going on, but it’s completely lacking any control over the body—almost a nightmarish condition. At the same time, closer to the middle, the new Sames song & music video start involving some Voodoo magic by using the groove of the song to make your body move. And it solely depends on the listener if this lack of control will become a burden, or they may find some comfort in it.

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