The MashBit Remix of QUIX x Juelz’s Chicane is a Trap Anthem

Of all the new music on QUIX & Juelz’s Chicane Remixes EP, the new MashBit remix is truly an epic Trap tune! After his remix of O GBONO by Kobi Jones, MashBit is back and dropped an insane remix for QUIX & Juelz. His new Seedeater Records release is an intense heavy-bass Trap anthem! This new MashBit music takes the warm female vocals and melody of QUIX & Juelz‘s original Chicane and creates a new depth by intensifying the melody through mixed cadences.

The song opens simply with the original Chicane vocals which the MashBit remix builds up with a fury of dissonant electronic sounds in pure MashBit fashion. The beat pushes the Chicane remix effortlessly to the first break into heavy-synth territory. The synth-heavy climax moves into beat-up mode thanks to hard-hitting yet clear bass and kicks. It’s not long until the song goes low, down and gritty with some vivacious Dubstep elements on the second drop. It bursts out with some fast rock guitar riffs that melodically lead the song during the second drop.

Breaking with the imposing Dubstep elements and rock guitar, the airy break opens on a light dreamy guitar solo. QUIX & Juelz‘s original youthful vocals come right back in to heighten the uplifting and mesmerizing aura of the track. The song ends with a beautiful climax. Using a wall of electronic synths to create an epic melodic intensity, MashBit drives a last rise with dense guitar riffs which come through perfectly. 

This Mashbit remix is a majestic melodic Trap banger. The Chicane remix screams of youthful hope, lust for life and death-defying energy! Easy on the ear, when played loud, this new MashBit music will keep the audience gasping through the superseding-drops. This Seedeater Records release is definitely going to highlight MashBit’s new music in a big way within the Trap and Future Bass sphere! You can find this track at the very top of our Trap & Bass Music Essentials playlist on Spotify!

Stream ‘QUIX & JUELZ – CHICANE (MASHBIT REMIX)‘ on Youtube below!

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More About MashBit:

Born and raised in Sardinia, Italy, Mashbit fell in love with EDM when he was 13, when he bought his first DJ controller. Soon, Tomorrowland would become the biggest influence on his career. Watching the artists perform on the main stages and seeing the true connecter between music and love drove his desire to produce music to an even further level.

Mashbit developed his skills at a young age, practicing everyday in his bedroom. He moved to the USA at 15 years of age and has been advancing his music career further. He won 6 music production awards (2 best edm awards, 2 years in a row) and 2 DJ contests in school. As his skills were progressing, so was the EDM culture.

Being an EDM DJ/producer, Mashbit has been focusing firstly on electronic dance music, and grooming those skills to in order to prepare himself to perform at the world’s largest festival: Tomorrowland.

He enjoys taking ordinary sounds and then creating impressive music with them (dogs, squeaky shoes, coughs etc.)

Lastly, his recent performances have included include Bass Chamber (Laredo, TX), One City Music Festival (Denton, TX), Escape Rave (Gun Barrell City, TX), Low Freakquencies, hosted by Ham Promotions (Dallas, TX), and Freaky Deaky Texas, presented by Disco Donnie Presents (Houston, TX). But there is a growing list of bookings over the next 18 months.