Origin8a & Propa ft. Benny Page – Harmony is Must-Listen DnB

Origin8a & Propa ft. Benny Page - Harmony, new Benny Page music, 3 Beat Productions, old school UK rave

The latest Drum and Bass release, Origin8a & Propa ft. Benny Page – Harmony will get you vibin’ and groovin’ with its vibrant energy. This new Benny Page music is infused with beautiful and nostalgic old-school UK rave flavors. It is a thunderous effort that has shaken us to our very core. Out now on 3 Beat Productions, Harmony’ is a dose of upbeat euphoria that is stormed with refreshing summer vibes.

Origin8a & Propa ft. Benny Page – Harmony is a joyride of infectious beats, blown-out frenzy, and sun-kissed piano arrangements. The old-school UK rave influences are undeniable. This new Benny Page music is the perfect retreat to wash away your worries while transporting you to a dance-driven realm. The beat and crunchy pulses result in a pure head-banging affair. Rolled out via 3 Beat Productions, Harmony’ swivels with its instrumental and vocal brilliance. The intoxicating synth and buzzing bassline command appreciation. The catchy vocal surrounded with spacey rhythms and fiery drum kicks is pure bliss and it takes only one listen to get absolutely hooked.

The shifty riffs and keys effortlessly blend with the vocals resulting in uplifting textures and a distorted edginess. Origin8a & Propa ft. Benny Page – Harmony is a divinely volatile cut. This new Benny Page music is going to bring nostalgia to many with its old-school UK rave sound. Issued via 3 Beat Productions, this tune is high on summery and tropical dynamism. Imbued with a sense of urgency and fueled with a triumphant atmosphere, this song successfully brings a futuristic and old school sound at the same time. On ‘Harmony,’ all three composers have delivered a stunning performance. This track intensifies into a curveball of sparkling exuberance. All in all, this collaboration of Origin8a & Propa with Benny Page is a colossal display of artistic brilliance and we’re psyched for their future releases.

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