Odd Mob – LEFT TO RIGHT (Remixes)

The new SubSonic DnB remix & Space Laces Bass House remix of Odd Mob's LEFT TO RIGHT takes the Tech House anthem to new territories for 2023!
The new SubSonic DnB remix & Space Laces Bass House remix of Odd Mob's LEFT TO RIGHT takes the Tech House anthem to new territories for 2023!

LEFT TO RIGHT, last year’s groovy House banger by Odd Mob, receives three new and completely different remixes by SubSonic, Space Laces and JADED in 2023, with one interpretation accelerating it into an adrenaline-infused DnB, the second remix inflating the song’s low-end with wall-shaking Bass elements and the last one bringing some infectious old-school House vibes respectively. This branching into three completely different directions, while not being aimed at increasing the song’s catchiness with subtleties, certainly helps to shift its perception and, thus, make the Australian producer’s anthem more versatile.

When talking about the version that’s closer to Odd Mob’s original version of LEFT TO RIGHT genre-wise, it must be mentioned how Space Laces manages to put insane amount of distortion and add experimental sound design on top of it on the Bass House remix, while still making it sound smooth enough to not alienate potential listeners who are used to the genre’s more polished classic sound. The resulting futuristic edge is also something that will definitely attract the fans of the more leftfield corners of the genre.

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On the other hand, the new SubSonic remix is most probably aiming at this fan-base as its core auditory, since its shift towards DnB is not limited to merely cosmetic elements layered on top of the House essence, but is a complete rethinking of the song. The aggressive rhythms introduced by SubSonic serve as a perfect support for its rubbery, but punchy basslines. The UK producer makes those two elements bury everything else from the original under their weight, leaving the vocal sample from Odd Mob’s track as the most noticeable part from it.

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Out of the three new remixes of LEFT TO RIGHT, the version by the London-based trio JADED is probably the most playful and funky. One of the things that sets this interpretation apart is the way JADED swap out a huge portion of the original foundation of the song, replacing it with a livelier arrangement, which doesn’t necessarily sound more upbeat, but certainly feels a lot more colorful. 

The JADED remix can be roughly divided into three sections that flow into each other with the help of texture-rich transitions. The most memorable part, which also dominates the new song, consists of a retro-sounding piano riff that plays in the lower octave, joined by the vocal samples from the original, as well as spacious pads and dense percussive elements on top of a new bouncy drum-section by JADED. This, combined with the way the trio mixes in the piano, creates a contrast between the retro, 80s style Disco-inspired sound and the modern grooves.

Although the piano-riff is central to the whole remix, the preceding bassline on the LEFT TO RIGHT 2023 House remix by JADED spans through its entire length and is the key moment in its progression․ Being first introduced after the short intro, it reappears later during the culmination of the song, aided by a wonky synth melody that sounds like it’s coming from the same era as the piano riff from earlier. This final section is probably also the most chaotic part of the remix. JADED, however, make sure to keep everything under control and the waves of rhythmically diverse sounds only enhance the groove of the track, with the vocal refrain elevating the tension, until it smoothly echoes into the outro with a washed out delay tail. While JADED don’t necessarily try to impress the listeners with stylistic and genre-blending experiments like the two other remixes, their colorful touch brings some dancey energy into the track that makes it sound distinct and fun to listen to.

Overall, all three of the LEFT TO RIGHT remixes have the kind of sound that raise the anticipation for the next projects by Odd Mob in 2023.

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