No Thanks Share Their Banging Tech House Tune ‘High’

The dynamic production duo No Thanks are on their way to rule the Tech House music charts with their latest song entitled ‘High.’ It is a stunning number with energetic zeal. This new No Thanks music is a true club banger. Released on IN / Rotation Recordings, the track features dope beats and a booming structure. It is a roving and raging gem that gives the listeners an adrenaline spike with its storming momentum.

No Thanks have structured ‘High’ with a smooth blend of impassive vocals and explosive percussive elements. Right from the power-fueled opening section, we can tell that this song will smash the Tech House music charts. The track features a barrage of nifty bassline covered by intoxicating riffs that will make you stomp your feet and nod your head to the groovy tempo. This new No Thanks music is an irresistible mix of spine-tingling thrills and bouncing pulses that will make the crowds scream with excitement. Issued via IN / Rotation Recordings, the song has a restless and compelling aura. 

‘High’ has a transient progression, leaning far from the melodic pendulum. It is an overall electrifying affair. This new No Thanks music blares with a vicious and catchy spirit that comes together in a masterful execution. What catapults this song in a dizzying sonic realm is the potent combination of climatic pads with uplifting rhythms. The more we listen to this intense tune, the more we appreciate its virtuosity of underlying chaos. It is a complex web of interlocking cadences that turn up the heat with luxurious drums and subtle dissonance. 

Rolled out by IN / Rotation Recordings, the song has a driving consonance that will surely conquer Tech House music charts and playlists. The strength of this tune is largely attributed to its pulsating vibe. We’re sure that with just one listen, ‘High’ will become one of your new favorite Tech House tracks of 2020!

Stream ‘No Thanks – High’ on YouTube below!

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