The New High Contrast Music From His Latest Album is ?

The fans of Drum and Bass music have finally received new High Contrast music in the form of his banging track entitled, ‘Met Her At A Dance in Leicester.’ This new DnB anthem also features UK Apache and Ady Suleiman. This track is one out of 14 tracks on his Notes from the Underground album. This tune will lift your spirits with its up-tempo groove. Considering how infectious the track is, we are sure that the High Contrast new album will leave the fans wanting for more. Lincoln Barrett or High Contrast had this to say about the song:

“This track is a fusion of oldskool jungle and nuskool soul. It was an honor to have the legendary UK Apache perform on a tune and he makes for an interesting contrast to the smooth soulfulness of Ady.” says Lincoln, “His lyrics really struck a chord with me, about falling for someone and that makes you fall in love with the music they’re into too. I took the track name from one of his lyrics, it felt important to me to name check somewhere other than London on a jungle track. Of course, London is the birthplace of jungle and deserves full respect, but this music has thrived and developed via many scenes outside of that city as well.”

The sonic genius has come a long way since the release of his debut record titled ‘High Society’ and his Notes from the Underground album proves just. With the release of ‘Met Her At A Dance in Leicester,’ this Welsh DJ has shown that he knows how to cook some seriously dope music. It is a sizzling banger that will truly shine in Drum and Bass playlists thanks to the contributions of British musician UK Apache and the soulful vocalist Ady Suleiman. A part of the High Contrast new album, it is an irresistible tune that blooms with rich harmonious vocals and vivacious pads. This song has got a fiery undercurrent with an interplay of crunchy synths, vibey basslines and intoxicating rhythms. The ethereal vibe of this new High Contrast music is extremely captivating. 

‘Met Her At a Dance in Leicester’ is structured with a fascinating blend of noxious basslines, bouncy melodies, and glitchy synths that intensify the track. This Notes from the Underground album feature will hypnotize your senses. The gorgeously retrospective aesthetic of this new High Contrast music displays his artistic brilliance perfectly. It is an energetic Drum and Bass delivery that has got us excited for the other songs featured on the High Contrast new album. Stream this rhythmical gem and make sure to also check out the full album!  

Stream ‘High Contrast – Met Her At A Dance in Leicester (feat. UK Apache, Ady Suleiman)’ on YouTube below!

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More About High Contrast:

Lincoln Barrett aka High Contrast is an electronic musician, producer, DJ, Grammy nominee and remixer for everyone from White Stripes to Kanye West, Coldplay to Calvin Harris. The Welsh-born bespectacled polymath has been a key player on the drum’n’bass scene for many years but as long ago as 2012 proved himself to be a musician with a wider ambit when he curated music for the Olympic opening ceremony. He is the master of melodic, melancholic jungle: hardcore with a harmonic core. He has been issuing records for nearly two decades, with early 00s d’n’b crossover successes including Racing Green, The Basement Track and Return of Forever and more recent, and increasingly expansive, singles such as Shotgun Mouthwash, The Beat Don’t Feel The Same and Going Up.Notes From The Underground finds Lincoln hermetically ensconced in his Cardiff home studio, using old samplers from the 90s – variously, the Roland W-30 sampler used by the early Prodigy, the Boss SP-303 which was prevalent during 90s hip hop, and classic jungle sampler AKAI S950, which allows you to time-stretch, a key attribute of the genre –  “I’m always ‘sampling’ titles and putting them into new contexts,” he says of past LP titles High Society (2004), Tough Guys Don’t Dance (2007) and The Agony & The Ecstasy (2012). “Jungle is thought of as underground music, so I felt this title was fitting. It’s me going back to my jungle and hardcore roots.” 

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