Nadia Vaeh Fluid Audio Remix Competition – Qubism!

Nadia Vaeh is an award-winning singer and songwriter based in L.A. Her voice is strong, powerful and present but it’s also capable of evoking a lot of emotion. Her track ‘Boomerang’ which premiered last year, is a melancholy Pop track with elements of Soul and R&B. It was also the subject of a hotly contested Fluid Audio remix competition. Despite a lot of talented producers entering the competition, both Fluid Audio and Nadia Vaeh decided to crown the Qubism remix as one of the winning remixes. The remix is out now on Galactic Cat Records. To anyone who hears it, it’s easy to see why it was one of the winners.

Boomerang’ is a turbulent love song that plays on the themes of rejection, desire and escape. Despite being thematically tumultuous, the track is a sedate, ballad-paced affair. The Qubism remix is something quite different. The choice to use a lot of synthetic instrumentation adds vitality and edge. The track has some undeniable Future Bass characteristics about it. But Nadia Vaeh’s evocative Pop vocals are still the focus. Although the intensity of the track has increased, the words and message of the song are still the focal point. However, Qubism cleverly phases out the vocals intermittently. By sending them to the back of the mix, the music has a chance to reinforce the track’s hope-tinged melancholy. 

This remix will cement both Nadia Vaeh’s and Qubism’s place on the scene. Despite the official prize of the Fluid Audio remix competition being a pair of FX80 studio monitors, the real prize is the exposure. Qubism will no doubt be in demand as a Future Bass remixer and a producer in his own right. It’s been a difficult time for artists and producers. However, with great new music from Galactic Cat Records and all the artists involved here, there’s more hope for 2021 than ever.

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More About Nadia Vaeh:

Nadia Vaeh is an Atlanta native and IMA “Vox Pop” winner. She found her way into artistry through modeling and joining a local Atlanta circus. She started singing in circus productions, but this was not the beginning of her artistic roots. Nadia’s love of music and singing began at the age of two. It was later nurtured by her parents who placed her into a traveling youth choir. Her mother was a poet who passed on her love of words, which later fueled Nadia’s talent as a lyricist. Nadia’s life took an unexpected turn at the age of 17 when she lost her mother to suicide. She dismantled her high-school band and strayed from songwriting and singing for years, other than the occasional karaoke. After this tragic loss, she states that she went down a path of self-sabotage and destruction. She used relationships and partying to ignore her pain.

When Nadia Vaeh decided to begin again with artistry, which would ultimately save her life, she was a shell of a person. She was looking to anyone and anything for answers to deal with her heartbreak. “I made a lot of missteps at the beginning of my career. I had to learn a lot of things the hard way”. Vaeh loves to pull inspiration for her music through many genres. She’s inspired by sounds from all over the world. Much of her musicality rooted in her family’s time in Curaçao and her father’s homeland of Lebanon. For Vaeh, songwriting is not only personal healing but a platform to help others heal.

More About Qubism:

With his highly emotive and beautifully melodic sound, Qubism is breaking down barriers in the dance music world. The Manchester based producer’s otherworldly tracks that are like nothing else on the airwaves today. He is ready to bring his one of a kind sound to a wider audience than ever in 2020.

After years in a band, Qubism made the jump to electronic music with his 2016 debut ‘The Visitor.’ Drawing from his background in classical music as well as a burgeoning fascination with house and techno, the album’s synth heavy atmosphere and hypnotic retro beats were the perfect introduction to a multi faceted artist with grand ambitions.

After spending years experimenting with new sounds, he reemerged in 2020 with the EP ‘Shapes’. With its focus on danceable beats and aggressive breaks, ‘Shapes’ represents a major musical evolution for Qubism. Each track has a life of its own, drawing from a wealth of influences to create something wholly original.

Qubism’s emotional punch and obsessive attention to detail is what makes him stand out from the crowd. Every melody has a reason behind it, every beat serves a purpose. 2020 is shaping up to be a big year for the emerging artist. He continues to hone his craft and look for new ways to push the boundaries of dance music. His latest release is the remix of Nadia Vaeh’s ‘Boomerang’ on Galactic Cat Records.