Jacob Colon Interview + New Single “Backroom”

We had a chat with Jacob Colon in our latest interview, we talked about inspiration, influences, and his new single Backroom.
We had a chat with Jacob Colon in our latest interview, we talked about inspiration, influences, and his new single Backroom.

With a hard-hitting sound and style and with releases like Protagonista, Take It, Flippin It, and What We About, Jacob Colon is surely making a name for himself in the Electronic Dance music world. In this interview, we dive deep into the inspiration, production process, and artistic choices that have crafted his latest track ‘Backroom’. Jacob’s unique fusion of genres and dedication to his craft continue to earn him the praise and support of followers all over the world. Join us as we explore the mind behind the music, learning about the influences, challenges, and the process that brought this track to life.

Hello Jacob Colon! How are you today?

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind ‘Backroom’?
This track wasn’t really inspired by anything in particular actually. I put a couple of rhythmic patterns together and found a nice melody that I felt fit the vibe nicely.

Did you have a specific vision or goal for the overall sound of this track when you set out to produce it? Did it evolve during the production process?
The goal was to make something unique and I feel that definitely evolved throughout the production process. During the breakdown where the vocal comes in, the drum switch-up was actually a random moment when I was scrolling through sounds on Splice. I had the Splice app synced with my project and when I came across that trap drum beat, it matched with the synths already playing and I just raised my eyebrow like Whoa, that was pretty dope, then went with it.

What elements of the track do you feel best represent your signature sound and style as an artist?
The breakdown that I mentioned above. I listen to a lot of different genres and I feel the breakdown is a mix of House, Trap, and Hip Hop which I like. It gives the track a Grime type of vibe, which I think is unique with the style of drums and bass that I produce.

Can you talk us through your approach to producing a track, which element do you create first and how do you build on that to produce a full track?
Usually, the drums and bass. Once I get my head bopping to the rhythm, the ideas for melodies come easier.

Did you experiment with any new techniques or processes with this track?
Not anything new. I pretty much kept the same techniques with this track.

The funky rhythmic elements in ‘Backroom’ create a unique party vibe to the track. Can you take us through your process of crafting these elements? How did you approach mixing this groove into the soundscape?
I started with the percussion elements like the congas, shakers, hats, etc. Once I feel like I have a tight groove, I move onto the bass. This is when the real magic happens. The low-end breathes life into the entire groove. I’ll usually create a couple of drafts of different basslines, and once I’ve made a decision on which one I like the most, I’ll start scrolling through different sound options and see which one compliments the kick.

Do you have a favorite element of the track?
I think the bassline in this track is super dope.

The track features groovy sonic elements with staggering synths and sampled vocals, how do begin to layer these elements in the track whilst ensuring that the mix is still clear and unmuddied?
Honestly, I just create each sound one at a time and eliminate which ones don’t work, and keep the ones that do. It’s mostly trial and error when scrolling through the different sound banks.

Which element of ‘Backroom’ was the most challenging to produce?
I feel overall everything flowed pretty well when producing this track.

Do you have any more upcoming releases soon?
Of course, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay posted for more.

Big thanks to Jacob for taking the time to share some insights into the production process of ‘Backroom’, his signature sound and innovative style certainly shine through, and while he keeps aiming high with more releases and projects on the way, we can only expect new milestones for this talented artist.

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