Kardano & Billy Newton-Davis – Feel Alright, Remixed

Kardano & Billy Newton-Davis unveiled their Feel Alright, Remixed EP with remixes by Villanueva, Melleefresh, Quitenite and more!
Kardano & Billy Newton-Davis unveiled their Feel Alright, Remixed EP with remixes by Villanueva, Melleefresh, Quitenite and more!

Presenting a new compilation album, Play Records presents ‘Feel Alright, Remixed’: a collection of tracks reworking Kardano & Billy Newton-Davis’s House banger, ‘Feel Alright’, coming as the third of eight remix packs in Kardano’s ‘The Art of Tones, Remixed’ project. Boasting an impressive line-up of talent, the album features reimagined versions of the track from the producers, Deep Rooted Tree, DjRodryk, Hectic, Melleefresh, Quitenite, and Villanueva. As each producer infuses the production with their own unique sound and energy, this new album delivers an exciting and diverse listening experience sure to make it stand out within the Electronic Music realm.

The album plays host to some of Play Records’ most exciting and refreshing talents: all signed to the label, ‘Feel Alright, Remixed’ presents a striking collection of innovators, all of whom have been making significant waves within electronic music, dropping unique productions and delivering captivating live DJing performances as they each pave their way within the genre. As a label, Play Records has become well-known within the world of electronic music; recently releasing their annual compilation for ADE, titled ‘Play at ADE 2023’, this is a label whose influence is sure to leave a lasting impression on genre lovers around the world as it introduces them to fresh new talent, bringing the powerful sounds of gifted artists to the forefront time and time again.

Packed with tracks that range in genres from Electro and Deep House, to Hip-Hop and Indie Dance, ‘Feel Alright, Remixed’ appears as a vibrant display of remixes; with each producer bringing their own original perspective to the production, no two tracks appear the same. The remix from Deep Rooted Tree delivers a chill hypnotic vibe, with its syncopated rhythms and groovy sonic details, whilst Melleefresh’s remix brings a funky intensity, injecting the listening experience with energy, as it delivers thumping, shuffled beats and catchy vocal chops.

Presenting an immersive, enthralling, and unique listening experience, ‘Feel Alright, Remixed’ appears as a must-listen production; as each track showcases the powerful signature sound of its Producer, it seems clear that Play Records has fostered an impressive selection of creators, each unafraid to take their creativity into new realms of sonic discovery, elevating their sound as they do so. ‘Feel Alright, Remixed’ is out now and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms.

Stream Kardano & Billy Newton-Davis – Feel Alright, Remixed on Spotify below!

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