Hiatus Unveils ‘Arrival’ From His Upcoming Album ‘Distancer’

The latest deep ambient House track from Hiatus, ‘Arrival,’ that will be featured on his upcoming album Hiatus – Distancer, is now available on all music streaming services. On this Organic House track, Hiatus has incorporated soul-rending spoken lyrics adapted from the works of the 13th-century mystic poet, Rumi. ‘Arrival’ harps on the subtle structures in the opening that intensifies with hypnotizing electronica elements. It is definitely an intriguing song that holds you till the end and compels you to revisit it again and again. The song beautifully highlights the transcending quality of EDM with a mystical edge. Hiatus quotes the inspiration behind ‘Arrival’ as:

“For me, the poem is about how as humans we are subject to thoughts and feelings that seem beyond our control, the result of animal instincts that connect us to the origins of life on Earth. I find myself bombarded with complex thoughts about my relationship with others and the world around me, many of them judgmental and negative in nature, all of which have their roots in a handful of behaviors that throughout evolution have ensured our survival – paranoia, pride, anger, ambition. But the poem suggests that there is a world outside of the stories of our lives, and though we can never be entirely free of the behaviors that define us as humans, we can connect with something much larger, and find liberation through recognizing that it is us, and we are it.”

The single, that will be part of the upcoming album Hiatus – Distancer, offers a deep ambient House vibe with a thoughtful lyrical rendition by Eva Wang, which caresses and soothes the listener’s senses. The optimistic and enigmatic theme from Rumi’s work will create an everlasting impression on your mind. Hiatus has infused a driving musicality and imagination into this Organic House opus. The ethereal vocals and pensive melodies in this song will leave you on a thoughtful journey of its own. The tranquilizing sound design of this mesmerizing cut is conjured through astral beats and rumbling synthlines, creating an invigorating aura around you. 

‘Arrival’ by Hiatus is a fascinating production that will resonate with every listener for its mesmeric and emotive undertones. This deep ambient House affair reverberates with soulful harmonies and slowly brings out steady-progressing upbeat elements. In this Organic House delivery, the track’s soothing effect is elevated by the flawless flow and underlying pulsating energy. The shimmering bass and vibrant cadences come with vigor post the melodic drop and gives ‘Arrival’ a fluttering twist. This song has an immersive atmosphere that maintains a euphonious environment without venturing into the melodramatic nuances. One of the most compelling aspects of the tune is its music video, which is conceptualized by Nathan Shipley who quotes:

“The visuals are created using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN),” says Nathan, “An algorithm designed to learn and generate patterns. We trained the GAN using images of cells taken through a microscope and also star formations taken through a telescope. This enables the GAN to dream an infinite landscape of new cells and star formations and also morph between the two. This ties back to the message of the poem: showing a connection between our elemental selves and the larger universe, which seems so alien and outside of us, yet which is made of exactly the same stuff, and came from exactly the same place.”

‘Arrival’ is a beguiling delivery brimming with a balanced blend of organic pulses, dynamically expressive vocals, and elusive piano work that are blended together to form this memorable tune. The chromatic percussion in the song also boosts the buoyant vibe of this deep melodic gem. Hiatus has truly introduced a breathless Organic House delivery that explores the auditory realms of this entrancing composition. This ambient deep House tune will effortlessly transport you to another realm. If this sensational release is any indication, we are sure that the album Hiatus – Distancer is going to be a real show-stealer.

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This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness:
Some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
Who violently sweep your house
Empty of its furniture,
Still, treat each guest honourably:
He may be clearing you out
For some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice:
Meet them at the door laughing,
And invite them in.Be grateful for whatever comes,
Because each has been sent
As a guide from beyond.

More About Hiatus:

Cyrus began producing electronic music while working as a journalist in London in the early 2000s. In 2005 he was living with his grandmother in Tehran, spending his days working for an Iranian newspaper, his nights sifting through his dad’s old records. On his return to London he began work on ‘Ghost Notes’ (2010), an album featuring samples from many of those same records, and channelling the timeless melancholy of Iranian music. Despite being self-released, the album met with acclaim – tracks like ‘Sightless’ and ‘Insurrection’ received mainstream radio play, the latter voted single of the week on Steve Lamacq’s Roundtable on BBC Radio 6 Music.

In 2013 he followed it up with ‘Parklands’, a record featuring several vocal collaborations, including ‘We Can Be Ghosts Now’, the stop-motion video for which won Best Animation at the 2013 UK Music Video Awards. Four years later he released ‘All The Troubled Hearts’ (2017), an album closing with ‘Delam’, featuring his father reciting and translating old Iranian poems, the story behind which Cyrus recounted in an article for the Guardian.

In 2019 Cyrus was introduced to Faraz Eshgi Sahraei, an accomplished player of a traditional string instrument called the kamancheh, and his wife Malahat, a talented singer, both recently relocated from northern Iran to north London. Over several months, the three met regularly at a studio in Brixton to record the songs that would eventually comprise ‘Distancer’, Cyrus’ fourth album.

As a result, ‘Distancer’ is Hiatus’ most Iranian album so far, crowning a process that began long ago; it also closes with another contribution of Iranian poetry from his father. Yet it is also a record liberated from the melancholy of past releases, channelling instead a sense of awe informed by the meditation, psychedelic experience and reading that in recent years has helped Cyrus deal with bouts of depression. It is a record offering hope at what can feel like a hopeless time.

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