GunFight Drops the Electrifying DnB Heater ‘Digital Chords’

GunFight is one of the few EDM artists who is pioneering the new wave of the melodic DnB genre with his unique sound. Now, the versatile artist is back with his new track titled ‘Digital Chords’. This new GunFight music is a highly inspiring track that will blow you away with its dynamic musical arrangements and upbeat vibe. Fresh off the hype of his previous release ‘Virtual Séance’, we’re sure that GunFight’s latest single will find its way to the top of many Drum & Bass playlists. The song is brandished with an immersive instrumental layout and stylized vocals that bring an edginess to the track.

‘Digital Chords’ by GunFight is a zestful tune that gives off a lively aura. This melodic DnB delivery is glazed with pulsating drum patterns along with vivacious vocal chops and high notes, that add to the song’s vibrant and impressive ambiance. This new GunFight music is perfectly structured with pounding rhythms and hard-hitting beats. The melodic structure of the track floats cautiously over enthralling bass and airy pads, showing the laudable compositional skills of the artist ascending into the dreamy vocal patches. It is a peak time banger, composed of anthemic melodies that will surround you with their electricity and subtle resonance. 

GunFight’s ‘Digital Chords’ is a tantalizing mix with well-balanced and radiating elemental intricacies. It is a true melodic DnB gem that is designed with gorgeous synths that are layered perfectly over the rhythmic drum patterns, embedding the track with a crashing and pulsating environment. The effect of this percussive song is highlighted by the blend of mesmeric riffs set to daze the listeners. It is the whirlpool of overpowering melodies and energetic percussion that will engage you in the trance of its authenticity. The ethereal pad work on this new GunFight music adds an expressive emotion and earthy sensation to the melody while the unrelenting momentum has a hypnotic euphoria attached to it.

GunFight has stormed this stunning release with driving textures and a powerful aura elevated by throbbing basslines. The potent use of surging components also contrasts perfectly with the Pop music sensibilities of the vocal. The artist, with the release of ‘Digital Chords,’ seems to be on a creative roller coaster and we look forward to hear what he has to offer next.

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More About GunFight:

On-the-rise Artist & Producer, GunFight, began hitting the ground running since his inception with hard-work ethics, and solid manifestation; becoming the influential and inspirational music persona he is today.

GunFight is a versatile driving force with his music and growing fan base. Quickly gaining support from pioneer artists such as Cedric Gervais, Craze, Don Diablo and Lost Frequencies, GunFight continues to track new trends in music, but his emerging sound rides a fine line between emulating enough of the popular sounds to stay relevant and bringing something entirely new to the table altogether, manifesting into a unique and balanced eclectic artist with his own signature stylization. Featuring elements of a tried-and-true synth work formula with an attention-grabbing song structure that doesn’t sound like anything else on the market.

With critical acclaim and positive reception that has surrounded the rising artist and producer in a relatively short time. GunFight has a promising career ahead of him with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon…or at all.

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