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Format - Solid Session (Joris Voorn Remix) is OUT NOW! This new Joris Voorn remix gives a modern Melodic Techno touch to the 1991 classic!
Format - Solid Session (Joris Voorn Remix) is OUT NOW! This new Joris Voorn remix gives a modern Melodic Techno touch to the 1991 classic!

Dutch musician and DJ Joris Voorn opens a portal to the 90s with his latest remix. Format – Solid Session (Joris Voorn Remix) is a complete transformation of the 1991 classic record with a fresh modern Melodic Techno touch. At the same time, the good news for those who have the early Techno nostalgia, is that Joris Voorn keeps that old-school robotic / futuristic vibes of the original.

It’s been over than 30 years since the release of Format – Solid Session, and the Techno scene has been actively evolving and adopting new technologies and sounds into its ever-budding branches. Joris Voorn is not only fully aware of this, but he also tries to squeeze the maximum from the evolution of the genre. His cutting-edge touch is present not only on his original tracks like 2020’s Nea Skioni, but also on his previous remixes, like on White CliffsJust Like You or Willaris K.‘s Cobaki Sky.

On this new record, the Amsterdam-based producer faces the difficult challenge of reimagining a classical piece and handles it perfectly. Despite being a relatively “relaxing” song, Format‘s original track had a lot of roughness to it. Perhaps, the first thing that one may notice while listening to the remix, is that Joris Voorn makes the drums on it sound a bit lighter. Still, thanks to the overall density, as well as the neatly chosen rearrangements that highlight the more sonically interesting synth parts, the new version of Solid Session got the weight of the original. And, in some parts, it even sounds thicker.

Partially, it’s because Format – Solid Session (Joris Voorn Remix) also takes advantage of the modern production techniques that allow the sound to be wider and texturally brighter. By any standard, Joris Voorn’s formula is simple and elegant. It’s the rawness of the classical banger, skillfully combined with the untamed originality of modern Electronic music. On the other side of the equation, we get a new modern Melodic Techno anthem with the “feel” of one from the past. It’s also beyond doubt that this new Joris Voorn remix will help the younger listeners to experience what it was like to hear the sound of the future back in 1991.

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