Floyd Joynes unveils the powerful spiritual “Shamanic Temple”

Floyd Joynes & Tashka Urban take us on a deep, soulful and powerful spiritual musical journey with the new single Shamanic Temple.
Floyd Joynes & Tashka Urban take us on a deep, soulful and powerful spiritual musical journey with the new single Shamanic Temple.

Floyd Joynes is a Delaware-based music producer who is also a spiritual leader in various healing arts. Joyne’s experience in the healing arts includes work as a Reiki Master who practices energy-directing gentle massages to help clients relax and reduce stress to promote healing. Joynes is also involved in the sonic side of the healing arts with work as a certified sound healer who facilitates different vibrations to heal the body, mind, and spirit. You will also find Joynes leading drum circles as the drum facilitator creating a shared spiritual experience for all participants coming together as one in rhythm. As a music producer, Joynes has channeled all experiences in the healing arts into his debut album titled Kaleido Dreams. The album offers deep, soulful, and powerful spiritual music which is especially on display in its single titled Shamanic Temple which features the vocals of Tashka Urban.

Who is better in the world of spiritual healing than the Shaman? Floyd Joynes & Tashka Urban – Shamanic Temple strongly portrays the spiritual experience that is within these hallowed dwellings. This musical experience starts with a foundation built from a steady repeating tribal drum circle groove. A piano repeatedly vamps through a block chord sequence in Shamanic Temple that combines with the drum circle groove to solidify the track’s stationary foundation. Opposite of the track’s foundation, is the improv-based entities that come from two contributors. The first improv-based aspect of Shamanic Temple comes from the extraordinary vocals and vocal choruses provided by Tashka Urban. Her vocal stylings are best defined from the description on her Youtube channel which states, “I weave spirit into sound using my body as a vessel.” The vocal techniques used by Urban in Shamanic Temple include improvisational tribal singing as well as throat singing. Another instrument providing a melodic and improvisational aspect to Shamanic Temple is the assortment of wooden flutes. Just like Urban’s vocals, the flutes provide both solo performance aspects as well as multilayered chorus accompaniments.

Of all the tracks on the Floyd Joynes Kaleido Dreams album, Shamanic Temple is the only one in which all sonic contributions come from acoustic means with no synthetic instruments. The combination of its stationary groove and chordal components combined with the improvisational hypnotic vocals from Tashka Urban as well as the flutes allow for a sonic experience that should be sought out by listeners seeking deep, soulful, and powerful spiritual music for enlightenment and spiritual healing along with listeners looking to just relax.

Stream Floyd Joynes & Tashka Urban – Shamanic Temple on Spotify below!

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