Figure – The New System | 7 Minutes of Hair-Raising Bass

If there’s a poster boy for horror-inspired Dubstep, it’s got to be Josh Gard. Better known as Figure, this nightmarish producer has grown a reputation that is clearly his own. Using freakish ambiance as his playground for bass-crushing jump scares and battering rhythms, Figure lives up to a unique trademark. To this day, he still continues to push the envelope with his recent highlights. The frenetic basslines in “TerrorVision” are unshakeable, and the sinister overtones on “If I Bleed” and “Ancient Evil” multiply with fear, thanks to their collaborative counterparts. In his latest, “Figure – The New System,” he creates a 7-minute epic full of evil twists and turns. Accompanied by a wicked, new Figure music video, he puts on a full-on horrorshow of mind-altering Dubstep/Breaks/DnB

Described as a concept track, “Figure – The New System” is filled with eerie samples and dramatic builds that grow with trepidation. With filthy bass assaults that spawn in waves, there is never a dull moment in this track. Through a Horrorcore-reminiscent transition that bathes deep in a soundscape of creeping synths, the song meets a sudden, sweet DnB surprise. Further, the convulsive Breaks patterns are accompanied with a drum solo and skittering percussion. “The New System” stirs chaos after another, and it only sends shivers down the spines every time.

As a song that forges its own path, “Figure – The New System” is a ravaging mayhem of Dubstep/Breaks/DnB. This track is another big trophy to Figure’s showcase, and it’s quite the adrenaline rush for the thrill seekers. Indeed, it should be no surprise that Figure can create an opus as such, but his experimental propensity here is also remarkable. Coupled with the visual oddities of the new Figure music video, you get the ultimate Figure experience. Be sure to add this hefty banger to your playlists before it haunts you!

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