Dillon Francis Remix of ‘Be Somebody’ Official Music Video

It wasn’t long ago when Dillon Francis released a track called ‘Be Somebody.’ The track also featured the beautiful vocals of Evie Irie. The famed DJ/producer has now dropped the official music video for his Be Somebody remix. This VIP remix will set the dance music community abuzz with its triumphant and jubilant energy. This Dillon Francis remix is a highly reverberating makeover that might just become your favorite new Pop & Electro Pop tune.

This Dillon Francis remix is designed with a stirring combination of soulful vocals by Evie Irie and masterful instrumental arrangements. The Be Somebody remix is embedded with a mood-altering atmosphere that will pull you out of your funk. The artist has structured this song with chugging rhythms and pounding drums that will inject an adrenaline rush into your veins. This lyrical affair features a great uplifting energy that truly shines in this lively cut. This elegant opus overflows with sheer stimuli, while in this sparkling music, every sound feels like a treasured memory. The song will captivate the fans in its trance as the falsetto harmonies glow in the background.

This Dillon Francis remix is a feel-good sonic experience. Evie Irie’s catchy vocal on the track creates a luminous nostalgia. The arrangements of crisp bass line and jumpy synths on this Be Somebody remix come alive with an epic interplay of piano sequence. The dynamic instrumentation catapults the tune into a four-dimensional fantasy realm. Perhaps the most alluring factor of this song is its sustained ambiance throughout. The underlying warmth and confidence that this track oozes will leave the listeners in an upbeat and pulsating zone.

On this Dillon Francis remix of ‘Be Somebody’ featuring Evie Irie, the artists have forged a luscious ballad with perky rhythms. Throughout this melodic remix, there is an innate sense of palpable and driving edginess. It is embellished with deep harmonies and fluid progressions that will jolt your muscles and caress your senses at the same time. This Be Somebody remix will certainly bring you in a happy zone!

Stream ‘Dillon Francis – Be Somebody (feat. Evie Irie) [Dillon Francis VIP Remix]’ on YouTube below!

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More About Dillon Francis:

By 2017, platinum-selling DJ and producer, host and creator of TBS Digital’s One Deeper Talks, actor, and all-around nice guy Dillon Francis solidified himself as a modern-day renaissance man. Averaging over 4.9 million monthly Spotify streams, he achieved a string of smashes, including the #1 Dance Radio Airplay hit “Anywhere” [feat. Will Heard], “Candy” [feat. Snappy Jit], #1 Billboard Dance Club Songs chart-topper “Coming Over” with Kygo [feat. James Hersey], and the RIAA platinum-certified “Get Low” with DJ Snake—which surpassed 500 million worldwide streams. Francis initially made history in 2012; “the first moombahton artist to achieve the number-one spot on Beatport” with the Something, Something Awesome EP. His 2014 major label debut album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule [Mad Decent/Columbia Records], landed on Rolling Stone’s “Top Electronic Albums of 2014” list. 2015’s This Mixtape Is Fire EP bowed at #1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart. On top of all that, he released countless Dillon Francis remix that received great success.

2018 saw him reprise his residency at the Wynn Las Vegas for the third consecutive year. His alter ego DJ Hanzel would not only open gigs, but also serves as the host for the comedic series One Deeper Talks. The real Francis’ music has piped through Furious 7, Entourage, Neighbors, Zoolander 2, and more. Now, he shakes things up once again with his latest singles “We The Funk” [feat. Fuego] —released under his own IDGAFOS independent label.

More About Evie Irie:

An optimist by day, pessimist by night… well more like a pessimist after 3am, that’s when it gets a little rough. Welcome to the inside of my brain *insert unrecognizable chaotic sounds* we are so happy you made it here, because heaven knows it’s been one hell of a ride so far… things will get better, I promise! You just drink a fat cup of water, put one of these songs on, turn the volume up to the max and SCREAAAAAMMM, or cry, or twerk, or anything you feel like doing but just sitting there in your head like you always do! Good luck, I’ll see you on the other side.

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