Dawn Chorus unveils his 6-track debut EP “Parallel Realities”

Dawn Chorus just released the chill, immersive & nostalgic lead single Changes from his upcoming 6-track debut EP Parallel Realities.
Dawn Chorus just released the chill, immersive & nostalgic lead single Changes from his upcoming 6-track debut EP Parallel Realities.

The wait is over as Baltimore-based Breakbeat, Garage, and Ambient Techno producer Greg Jung, under the moniker Dawn Chorus, has released his full EP titled Parallel Realities which includes the previously released single Changes that is full of uplifting euphoria and warm nostalgia. Along with Changes, the EP includes five other tracks where some take you on an unpredictable journey with constant change, while others are more structured valley-to-peak style songs. The constants that you will find on all tracks of Dawn Chorus – Parallel Realities include top-notch production with instrument textures that are powerful enough to where you feel like you can reach out and touch them.

Following the previously released single Changes, which opens the Dawn Chorus – Parallel Realities EP, comes two tracks that are schizophrenic in nature with constant changes in structure from the second track titled Coastal View, and the third track titled June Radio. Coastal View includes an opening section with a Koto-like melody over warm synth drones that soon evolves into a fast and bustling drum groove with quick bass accompaniment and looping synth arpeggios. The track concludes in a breakdown fashion with light percussion and a repeating synth motif accompanied by a booming rhythmic bass groove. June Radio begins by switching back and forth between two sections with the first featuring a heavily effects-based vocalized motif with a quick drum groove and the second section featuring a repetitive rhythmic synth focus. The second time through each section adds new layers with a downward moving bass drone that sounds similar to an Ibo drum added to the vocalized motif section and a new looping melody added to the rhythmic synth-focused section. June Radio closes in the previously mentioned schizophrenic fashion following the two repeated sections, with a brief quick and tense kick drum focus followed by a tranquil and chill melody with hints of ASMR-tingle evoking percussive hits spread about as it fades out to its completion.

The last three tracks of the Dawn Chorus – Parallel Realities EP are more structured in nature and follow common themes while building upon them. Sunbeams is the fourth track on the EP that builds upon a busy percussive groove adding new layers until it reaches a multi-layered climax that includes a flute-like melody, a thumping bass accompaniment, and busy auxiliary percussion. The fifth track titled Testing Station is perfect for gaming as it builds upon racing synth arpeggios adding booming kick drums, and different layers of auxiliary percussion with changing melodic focuses throughout. The final song on the EP is the title track Parallel Realities and it builds upon a kick drum and auxiliary percussion-based groove with sharptoothed textured bass drones and focuses that vary from different synth melodies to deep and scratchy voice drops. All together the Dawn Chorus – Parallel Realities EP has lived up to the hype that started with the release of its single Changes with six adventurous tracks that will keep you captivated powered by its excellent production.

Stream Dawn Chorus – Parallel Realities on Spotify below!

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