Chris Luno drops Late Night Vibes on ‘Lorea/Night Thoughts’

Chris Luno - Lorea / Night Thoughts on Sonspire Records

Berlin’s Chris Luno is quickly making a name for himself on the Melodic House & Techno scene. He already received support from the likes of Tube & Berger and Eelke Kleijn and has released his music on a number of labels. These include Kittball, Purified, as well as Tiësto‘s Melodic House & Techno label, Songspire.

Chris Luno released his latest offering ‘Lorea/Night Thoughts’ EP on Songspire. It is no wonder since both of the tracks are Melodic House & Techno at its best. These days, it might be a bit hard to get to a club or a party. Actually, if you can’t, you can always create the same vibes at home. While it may not be exactly the same thing, there is always a way to create that laidback, vibey atmosphere and Chris‘ music is perfect for that. Slow build-ups, slowly progressing to the beat crescendo and then smoothly winding things down.

Indeed, Chris Luno‘s EP can fit in perfectly into such a plan. “Lorea” is one of these tracks that creates a smooth buildup that any quality dance session needs. Subtle beats drive the track, without going into overdrive at any point, with far-away backing vocals and electric piano giving each other enough room to breathe and let the melody shine. An opener you can wish for. In fact, “Night Thoughts” is exactly what its title says – even subtler beats with soft acoustic elements that drive the melody, while the vocals are just an almost speaking afterthought.

Actually, both of these Chris Luno tracks share yet another characteristic besides being excellent Melodic House & Techno. They are perfect for a late-night drive soundtrack, with the street lights flashing by while you drive with some immersive, fluid chill sounds blasting from your audio system.

Stream “Chris Luno – Lorea” below!

Stream “Chris Luno – Night Thoughts” below!

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More about Chris Luno:

Chris Luno is a Berlin-based artist, he is a playlister & marketeer for Tube & Berger. He released music on Kittball, Purified, and Songspire. His new EP Lorea/Night Thoughts is out on Tiësto’s Melodic Techno Label “Songspire Rec,” with support by Tube & Berger & Eelke Kleijn.