CASTER – Gathering Coven is an Epic Orchestral Dubstep Gem

If you are in the mood for some deep and dark symphony that will sweep you off your feet and satisfy your inner carnal desires then give CASTER – GATHERING COVEN a listen. This orchestral Dubstep delivery is extremely epic. CASTER is a mysterious music wizard who is known for creating a world of sorcery, spooky witchcraft, and obscure energetic elements that will transport you to another realm. The storming and grim vibe of this new sinister Dubstep song will take you to the 16th-century mystical world where magic is a reality, and dark forces exist. Released on New Dawn Collective Records, this tune has a dark grandiose feel and packs a real sonic punch.

This orchestral Dubstep tune has an uplifting aura that is polished with exquisite sound design and mesmeric motifs. CASTER – GATHERING COVEN is an intensely unreal release, it will stun your nerves and jolt your senses. The rhythmic destruction creates a sensational effect with the use of subtle and melancholic chorus elements. He effortlessly pulls together a dark energy pit that surrounds the song with a Gothic flavor. This New Dawn Collective Records opus is truly fantastical. The overwhelming instrumental cadences imbibe a charming diversity into the rhythmic elements. This track is just as lethal as his Drum and Bass song, ‘Hunting Season.’

The song rolls out bone-chilling drum beats and drapes them in sumptuous synths and pulsing basslines that add a bustling vitality to CASTER – GATHERING COVEN. The resonating percussion provides a fiery fluidity to this earth-shaking cut. It is a solid release in terms of reverberating rhythms, vivacious pads, and bold variability that has a menacing tendency to overpower you. This deeply addictive orchestral Dubstep song has aggressive structures that blend skillfully with vocal snippets. Issued via New Dawn Collective Records, the song rides on the up-tempo pulses and riffs that form a senseless euphoria.

‘Gathering Coven’ is a nuanced track that will be appreciated by the fans who like their music with a bit of sinful ecstasy. This faultless song is intensely gripping with its sinister Dubstep hooks. The world of ‘Gathering Coven’ is mysterious, ferocious, and so enthralling that it will leave you breathless. We absolutely dig this tune by CASTER.

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More About CASTER:

Little is known about this mysterious spellcaster. Since his launch in October of 2019, he has quickly made his mark on the dark corners of the electronic music world. With a versatile sound ranging from melodic bass, mid tempo, dubstep, psytrance, and even witch trap, it is a challenge to discover his true identity. When asked why the secrecy he simply responded “my identity is irrelevant right now. For this project and this vision to come to life, my art must first speak for itself” His words held true as he landed a release with one of the most respected label’s in electronic music, Ophelia. The label owned by Seven Lions helped make clear the raw talent behind Caster story telling vision. While his collab with Swarm proved just how intense his music can be.

Who knows what the future will hold for Caster. But one thing certain is that there is no where to hide from what is to come.