Best of [TRAP] DJ Green Lantern, Keys & Krates and More! [Week 08]

These playlists are rare nowadays, we had to level up our filtering to create less compilations but tighter ones, it’s not optimal for us but it is for you. This one has so many insane bass music freebies, starting with the latest David A. (one of the most promising EDM talent from “La Belle Province” aka Quebec), it’s pretty simple, everything he drops is straight up fire! Then we have some new free music from DJ Green Lantern, DJ Craze, Bad$ista, Valentino Khan, Bro Safari, Keys & Krates, JayCeeOh, Catty Womp, June and more! You know the drill, just hit the “HERE” button under the soundcloud players to download the songs you like. All this free music is brought to you by the artists, take a minute to like them on facebook or twitter, these guys spend hours making music and are giving it away for free, show some love!


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