TEED Drops Dreamy Remix of Bag Raiders’ “How Long”


TEED (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) is going to take you into the dream state with his latest track. His mix of ambiance, melodic and trance in “How Long” is stitched up in a custom stylistic vibe that TEED can only bring you. The old school trance feeling is given off at the beginning but then he launches us into the future with a Deep Melodic Techno drop. One would not think you could fit all these genres into one track and make it sound coherent but Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs shows brilliance in this area. If you like the intro and the first drop, stick around for the breakdown and the second drop! The piano in the breakdown revamps that feeling you get in the beginning. That feeling you get when you’re listening to something you really enjoy and want more and more. And that piano you hear in the breakdown carries onto the drop making the second part insanely satisfying. It is just what you wanted to hear. The melodic architecture will send you into a trance and keep you there. TEED is bringing top game sounds in a beautiful interplay here. This remix will level you. You must check this out!

Bag Raiders said about the remix by TEED:

“We’ve been friends and fans of Orlando (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) for a long, long time. We remixed his ‘Body Move’ tune and were thrilled to get his take on one of our songs in return. We love where he went with this remix – taking things right back to the middle of a sweaty club dance floor where it all began.”

“How Long” appears on Bag Raiders second album Horizons and is a collaboration with Sydney talent Panama. What started out as nerdy modular studio experiments eventually became a song about “waiting for love to come back around”. “How long will your love take. Can’t you see I’m ready for this to be?” he begs a sense of longing accentuated by Bag Raiders wailing synths and icy production. A result of their personal connection with McCleary, “How Long” feels like a testament to the power of collaboration.”


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