Worakls – Storm with Rusanda Panfili is Symphonic Perfection

Worakls – Storm (with Rusanda Panfili) is a rare collaborative effort between two extremely eminent musicians. Worakls is an anomaly in electronic music. His orchestral compositions are second to none. However, producing great Techno is also in his wheelhouse. Rusanda Panfili, on the other hand, was a prodigal violinist as a child. She won her first international competition aged 10 and has since worked with symphonic orchestras across the globe. She’s also worked with musical legends such as Hans Zimmer, Brian May and many more. There is a crossover in terms of Worakls‘ and Rusanda Panfili‘s skills and interests. This is what makes their collaboration so exciting. Worakls – Storm is out now on Sonate Records, a new creation from Worakls. The label looks like it will be catering to more Orchestral Melodic House & Techno in the future. 

This track comes hot on the trail of Ben Bohmer’s remix of ‘Red Dressed’ by Worakls. ‘Storm’, similarly, has some of the ingredients of a House track, but with Panfili’s violin center stage. The track definitely lives up to its name. You’re met with a menacing violin ostinato, combined with an equally menacing synth line. These erupt into a pounding four-to-the-floor kick with some pizzicato strings. The tension builds and different strings are layered on top of one another. This creates some rich symphonic timbres. The beat then gives way to the heart-wrenching bow work of Rusanda Panfili. This sublime interweaving of Orchestral Melodic House & Techno shows off their virtuosic musicianship. Both the composition and the technical execution on WoraklsStorm are excellent. 

Sonate Records is the second label that Worakls has started. The other is Hungry Music, started in 2013. Sonate Records was created, presumably, to fill the gaps that his other label doesn’t fill. We expect it to be a huge success in 2021. This isn’t only because of Worakls‘ previous success with Hungry Music. It’s also because this, the debut track WoraklsStorm, is just so perfect.

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More About Worakls:

Known for his innumerable electro/melodic productions and his vibrant shows, Worakls is a composer above all. Raised in a family of musicians, he learned piano at the age of three and carried on with a conservatory education.

He moved at a later age towards electronic music production, bringing to his sense of melody power and oneirism. He then founded ‘Hungry Music’ in 2013, a label recognised as one of the most influential in the French electronic music scene.

Today, Worakls chooses to mix in these universes that inspired him, and freely express these influences and inspirations with the creation of his new label ‘Sonate’. The first track on this label will be Worakls – Storm with Rusanda Panfili.

More About Rusanda Panfili:

Born in the little Republic of Moldova, Rusanda Panfili used her authenticity, passion and proud Eastern European heritage to become one of Europe’s recognisable and prominent classical musicians. Currently living in Vienna, she has been playing the violin for 26 years, and during her journey she worked alongside superstars like Hans Zimmer, Brian May, Gavin Greenaway, Gabriel Yared, Steve Vai, Valentina Nafornita, Tina Guo, Erwin Schrott, Igudesman & Joo. Worakls – Storm for Sonate Records is her latest track and her first venture into EDM.

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