Tchami – Faith (Marten Hørger Remix) from Year Zero (Remixes)

Tchami - Faith (Marten Hørger Remix) is OUT NOW! It is part of the Tchami - Year Zero (Remixes) album. Also check out the new Tchami merch!
Tchami - Faith (Marten Hørger Remix) is OUT NOW! It is part of the Tchami - Year Zero (Remixes) album. Also check out the new Tchami merch!

If you haven’t been keeping tabs, Marten Hørger has been on a serious roll with bangers like “Believe in Me,” “Take a Step Back,” and “WE’RE BACK.” This time he is taking over the reins on the remix of “Tchami – Faith” which is featured on the “Tchami – Year Zero (Remixes)” album. While various talented artists are featured on the remixes album for Tchami, we’ve got our eyes set on Marten Hørger’s take on “Faith”. This track from the French sensation Tchami with Marlena Shaw on the vocal was already a soulful club weapon. But Marten Hørger’s Bass House flip has hurled the tune into a frazzling main stage festival anthem. From the first listen, “Tchami – Faith (Marten Hørger Remix)” might turn out to be your favorite new jam. If you are a fan of the “Year Zero” producer, then make sure to check out the Tchami merch here to support the artist and set the perfect mood.

Marten Hørger’s take on “Faith” is a euphoric take that will fire up the ambiance to insanely dangerous levels. The “Tchami – Year Zero (Remixes)” album has gotten a perfect uplift with Hørger’s signature feel-good sound and intense cadences. This remix of “Faith” is laden with intoxicating rhythmic grooves and pulsating synths that bring a spicy kick to the composition. The electrifying percussions and infectious vibrancy of this remix will leave you buzzing in its afterglow. This remix is a certified bliss that will hammer your senses to an orgasmic high.

Marten Hørger has infused “Faith” with exhilarating elements to conjure a heady affair for the listeners. The “Tchami – Faith (Marten Hørger Remix)” is a perfect ode to the original. So, grab your favorite Tchami merch available on his website and stream this outstanding Bass House spin on YouTube below. You can also find more streaming options HERE.

After checking out this amazing remix, you should definitely give a listen to more of Tchami’s stunners like, “Praise,” “Buenos Aires” and “Ghost (Remix).”

Stream “Tchami – Faith (Marten Hørger Remix)” on YouTube below!

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