Rolls Rollin – Basslines N’ 8 Lines is a Festive Floor-Filler

Rolls Rollin exploded onto the scene back in May 2020. Since then, his streaming numbers have hit seven figures on Spotify and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. He’s not unlike his music in this way; relentless, fast-paced and energetic. His combination of Bass House and Hard Dance is clean, infectious and undeniably club-worthy. His latest track ‘Basslines N’ 8 Lines’ is out now on the new Kannibalen compilation entitled All I Want For Christmas Is Bass Vol 5. This compilation is a round the world tour of Bass Music, from Drum & Bass to Leftfield Bass. 2020 has seen a steady flow of new Rolls Rollin music and we hope 2021 will be no different. 

Basslines N’ 8 Lines’ sets pulses racing from the word go. The tempo is high and so is the energy. Some foreboding synths add drama and some metallic sound effects set your teeth on edge. The track builds and builds, before eventually hitting you with a huge drop. There’s influences from all over the EDM spectrum but mostly (as the title suggests) Bassline. The track bounces along and the distorted bass synth pushes and pulls with the kick. The end result is a pure dance floor banger. With Rollin on the lineup, the Kannibalen compilation is unquestionably heavier, louder and it has a whole lot more attitude.

All I Want For Christmas Is Bass Vol 5 is the latest in a series of Christmas releases from Kannibalen Records. The Canadian label was created by Black Tiger Sex Machine in 2011 and covers the full spectrum of Bass Music. Consequently, Rollin’s ‘Basslines N’ 8 Lines‘ feels right at home on this release. New Rolls Rollin music is also set to be released at the beginning of next year. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing it on dance floors around the world before too long.

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More About Rolls Rollin:

What happens when the raver that goes hardest at every party steps up on to the stage? Rolls Rollin lives for the dance floor, but his dizzying brand of high energy electronic music is about to ignite club sound systems worldwide!

Rolls Rollin is a dream-chaser but also a party-starter. His has an unrestrained and infectious energy onstage. A born performer, he breaks down the barriers between crowd and DJ; bringing the room together with one goal – to go hard!

His music is hyperactive and bewildering as well – while at the same time being precision engineered to decimate dance floors. It won’t be long before he rises through the ranks to take his place among the very best.

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