Chicago House music producer Ravdawg unveils 4 new songs

Chicago Tech & Bass House music producer Ravdawg unveiled 4 new songs U Know U Know, I Believe in Me, Your Body, and Love It.
Chicago Tech & Bass House music producer Ravdawg unveiled 4 new songs U Know U Know, I Believe in Me, Your Body, and Love It.

The ever-changing texture of the bass motif that is present throughout RavdawgBelieve in Me powers this banger of a track. It constantly alternates from solid and bouncy to sharp and ridged as the drum grooves progress around it. One of its most powerful points is an early drum riser section in which the bass motif takes on a texture so sharp that it sounds like a solo bassoon playing the motif as a drum riser builds and climaxes over it to the drop of the full solid and bouncy bass texture. You will also find that the energizing vocals in Believe In Me will be hard to resist the urge to sing along.

Stream Ravdawg – Believe in Me on SoundCloud below!

Your Body is a Deep House track by Ravdawg and a master class in intensity building. The listener is treated to a half dozen satisfying moments of built-up tension being released throughout it. The song’s template follows like a revving car engine that keeps growing with its only moments of letdown occurring when it shifts into a new gear as it builds right back up again towards the next gearshift. Your Body also features good ear candy to enhance this intoxicating song structure including catchy vocal drops, fluttering flutes, and driving repetitive wood drum sixteenth note vamps.

Stream Ravdawg – Your Body on Spotify below!

Ravdawg – Love It is an emotional DnB track built on heavy layers of moving synths and charged rhythmic leads. Its repetitive vocal drops act as the glue that holds the song together as it alternates between the moving synths and the rhythmic lead focuses. Its busy drum groove will also dazzle as it occasionally busts into a driving double-time feel. You will find that this track is an easy one to get stuck in your head following the first listen.

Stream Ravdawg – Love It on Spotify below!

Ravdawg – U Know U Know is an ultra-catchy House track. Its foundation is built on a fetching repetitive bassline. Each 8-bar passage of the track grows in intensity with new wrinkles in the form of instrumentation, risers, and drum grooves constantly being unveiled. Once again Ravdawg will have you singing along to its vocal hook that comes straight from its title. U Know U Know also acts as a sound tribute to where Ravdawg resides as Chicago is the birthplace of House music.

Stream Ravdawg – U Know U Know on Spotify below!

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