Pretty Fun Releases Banging Tech House Debut EP ‘The Hype’

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Created by the dynamic duo of Ryan Chase and Jamie Caden, Pretty Fun kicked off their musical journey in 2019. The guys are now ready to get the dance music fans buzzing and have put out their debut extended play called, ‘The Hype.’ This EP captures their banging and infectious sound and proves just how good they are at creating quality party music. It encapsulates the essence of best Tech House music and we are beyond excited to feature this release. 

‘The Hype’ by Pretty Fun contains four well-crafted and immensely catchy songs including, ‘Famously Basic.’ This track is armed with luscious instruments and thickly layered beats. Its sound design is highly creative and unique. The track’s flawless production will lift your mood instantly. This is an ambitious piece that is energetic, allowing plenty of room for the Tech House groove to flourish. On the song, the duo flexes their vocal skills over the hypnotic melody, making it a noteworthy release that you will love to include in your dance music playlists.

‘Famously Basic’ by Pretty Fun is synchronized with ultra-rhythmic, pummeling beats that are firmly planted in catchy retro-sounding vocals which is what makes it an exhilarating cut. Musically, this track is a gorgeous mix of synth and bouncing bass through and through. It successfully meets, and exceeds, the standard of the best Tech House music. 

Another track that is featured on ‘The Hype’ is the title song. This tune radiates with uplifting energy. It showcases Pretty Fun’s ability to infuse their vocals effortlessly with the bassy Tech House elements that create an intoxicating ambiance. It has a harmonious and resonating hook that is perfect for creating a sultry mood. The song is preceded by swirling hi-hats and robotic vocals that are layered over electronic pads which epitomizes introspective eloquent production. It is the kind of song that will surely resonate with dance music fans. 

Apart from these two tracks, Pretty Fun included two more songs on ‘The Hype’ entitled ‘Got A Type’ and ‘Better Luck Next Life.’ Both of these tunes are just as mesmeric as ‘Famously Basic’ and ‘The Hype.’ This EP perfectly captures the soul of best Tech House music and we can’t wait to see what the duo does next! 

Download ‘Pretty Fun – The Hype EP’ HERE and stream it on YouTube below!

You can also enjoy the EP on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Two guys on a reasonable vibe. Jamie Caden (LA) and Ryan Chase (NY) came together in 2019 to form Pretty Fun. Their current sound brings together the club-smashing bass of Tech House, UK Bass and Bass House fused with catchy thought-provoking lyrical anthems. Both light-hearted and heavy-hitting, Pretty Fun looks to have every head nodding and everybody swaying so their listeners can choose to either lay back or jump up, all while having a pretty good time. 

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