Pedestrian Tactics Blows Your Mind with ‘The Accident’

Pedestrian Tactics has to be one of the most original electronic producers around. The Seattle-based producer, formerly known as Corporate has released his first single of 2021, called “The Accident”. Whether this track happened because of an actual accident is up for debate. Working titles and meta-descriptions litter his SoundCloud page. For an industry that could be accused of taking itself too seriously, this is a breath of fresh air; not unlike his music. Muti Music has picked up on this Funky Breaks track and it’s out now on all music streaming platforms.

The 80’s-inspired synth arpeggio lays the groundwork for a funky albeit pedestrian House track (pun intended). But something is off. The introduction of a four-to-the-floor beat is accompanied by some cleverly mixed vocal chops that play havoc with your spatial awareness. This track is immediately enchanting and completely engaging. Pedestrian Tactics has managed to weave in so many different elements that you can’t help but try and guess where the track is going. Although no matter what you guess, you’re going to be wrong. 

The only appropriate response to hearing this track drop is ‘What the f*ck am I listening to?’ It’s totally bizarre but at the same time absolutely awesome. The rapid-fire chops and spatial imagery feel like they’re intentionally designed to put you off balance. Muti Music have always had a taste for unconventional but they’ve got that and so much more with this Funky Breaks vibe. ‘The Accident’ is what people 100 years ago would have thought the future sounded like. Follow him on SoundCloud for more weird and wonderful music coming soon!

Stream ‘Pedestrian Tactics – The Accident‘ on YouTube Below!

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More About Pedestrian Tactics:

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Pedestrian Tactics started out producing many different genres before narrowing his focus and creating a tailored electronic sound. He now produces tracks ranging in tempos and also subgenres. He blends cutting-edge sounds along with complex beats, aggressive baselines, and industrial undertones. He has released on Muti Music, Mad Zoo Producer Dojo, Play Me Records, Simplify Records, Adapted Records, Audiophile Live and Dirty Duck Audio.

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