NAZAAR – WITH U | Official Music Video

Nazaar is back! When it comes to bass music production, he is certainly one of the most exciting producers in the bass music game. He has over 200,000 monthly listeners and his collaboration with Carnage and Murda named Blitzkrieg nearly reached 12,000,000 streams on Spotify alone, as we are writing this. You might also remember him from his songs Imperial and Overclocked. Today, we are featuring his latest release entitled NAZAAR – WITH U. This new Nazaar song is powerful and WILD as we expected, but also deep and personal. We are thrilled to inform you that the song comes with a brand new Nazaar music video as well.

His new song WITH U kicks off with a soothing piano melody and a short conversation between two different persons which feels like a movie scene. Shortly after that, we hear a different, stronger male vocal that brings the main vocal of the song. Then a fierce synth melody comes in with an insane snare-based buildup right before the drop. The drop hits hard with a combination of a mind-blowing melody, staggering bass and slapping drums. Building and maintaining a harmony between all these elements is not an easy task, but Nazaar has done it exquisitely and truly impressed us with this new offering. He has once again proven his talent as an electronic music producer. Without a single doubt, this new Nazaar song will turn up crowds at festivals and might even cause mosh pits!

NAZAAR – WITH U is out now and streaming on your favorite music platforms. The song is fully loaded with dynamism and hype, and it will truly motivate you to move, making it a solid track for your gym playlists! The new Nazaar music video is also available below, which is honestly matching the energy of the song perfectly while also transposing the emotional side of it. We don’t want to spoil anything, so go check it out yourself, you will not regret it!

Stream “NAZAAR – WITH U (Official Music Video)” on YouTube below!

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