LODIS x Josh Rubin Release Huge Follow-Up Track ‘Broken’

LODIS x Josh Rubin have joined forces once again, this time to bring us their huge new track called ‘Broken’. This is the second time that the trio from Texas have worked together (and hopefully not the last). Future Bass fans everywhere loved their last track ‘Lifeline‘. LODIS are a new collaboration of producers Cody Savonen & Jack McCafferty. Although they’re new to the scene, their remixes have already made waves and they’re quickly building a reputation. Josh Rubin, on the other hand, has put his voice to countless collaborations since starting out in 2015. Together they’re creating amazing, powerful music—setting the bar high for Future Bass 2021.

Broken’ hooks us in with some delayed guitar. The catchy riff is joined by some bass, drums and vocals in an emotive, Pop-esque introduction. Josh Rubin’s vocals sit high in the mix and they are crystal clear. You find yourself hanging on to every word while the music ebbs and flows beneath you. Throughout the introduction, LODIS show their production prowess with subtle upticks in intensity. The kick and the snare are subtly reinforced, meanwhile a ride cymbal quickens the pace. The rhythm eventually releases us. We’re left floating in space with nothing but Rubin’s vocals. But it’s only the calm before the storm. The track explodes into a colorful, scintillating world of sound.

Future Bass is the easiest way to describe this LODIS x Josh Rubin collaboration. But there are also elements of Chillstep and Pop. Different sounds are expertly weaved into a deep, all-encompassing track that manages to combine energy with feeling. These three artists are proving to be a potent musical combination. With this much new talent emerging on to the scene, the face of Future Bass 2021 will be unrecognizable compared to years gone by. We love this track for its intricate production, raw emotion and ever-changing pace. We can’t wait to hear more from everyone involved!

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More About LODIS:

Formed in 2020 in Austin, Texas, LODIS is an electronic duo consisting of Cody Savonen & Jack McCafferty. The two met in 2018, immediately connecting through a shared passion for music. They decided to forge this passion and combine their talents and launch the LODIS project.

With a heavy focus on creating melodic-bass music, their creativity and production techniques push boundaries, blur genres and create music radiating inexhaustible energy. With a mission sound-tracked by emotional, melodic music, LODIS draws heavy influence from artists such as MitiS, Jason Ross, Seven Lions, and Illenium. After releasing their first official remix, the duo was eager to begin working on original music to share with the world.

They recently released their debut single, ‘Lifeline’. Joining them on this record is another Austin based musician and vocalist, Josh Rubin.

More About Josh Rubin:

Josh Rubin is a singer/songwriter and producer from Austin, TX. Playing guitar and piano from a very young age Josh has always had an interest in songwriting. He came onto the scene in 2015 and made his way up the ranks of the dance music world as a powerhouse vocalist delivering hard hitting but also emotionally driven vocals. Bite This, Play Me Records, Lowly Palace, Dim Mak, Proximity and others have all released his music.

Coachella and EDC Vegas are some of the major festivals that have played his music. Thissongissick, Earmilk and other tastemakers have also given their support. Now that Josh has had plenty of time to cultivate his own sound and style he’s began the journey of his solo career blending his soulful and smooth vocal style with music containing influences of Rnb, pop, and soul. This is just the beginning of what will be a very exciting journey as he continues to expand his sound and dive into even more realms of music.

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