Larhythmix’s new album takes us on a “Journey to the Sky” [March 9]

Inspired by the ecstatic experience of the Shaman and AI technology, Larhythmix presents his captivating new album
Inspired by the ecstatic experience of the Shaman and AI technology, Larhythmix presents his captivating new album "Journey to the Sky".

By now it will be obvious to many people who have an interest in the music industry that Artificial Intelligence (or AI) technology is going to play a big part in the way music is made and presented in the future. One of the artists exploring this phenomenon is Lee, also known as Larhythmix, who presents his new Electronica album Larhythmix – Journey to the Sky. In this instance, the music on the album has been made without any help from AI, but the surreal, constantly evolving video for the single Sky has been created entirely by the burgeoning technology. 

According to the artist, Larhythmix – Journey to the Sky was inspired by the Shamanist belief that the sky was once connected to the earth, and the incorporation of AI into its creation is a reflection on how “technology continues to take us further away from an ancient way of being”. The music on the album reflects the sky/earth connection with its use of light, airy synths that develop around deep grooves and rootsy rhythms, whilst the track titles (such as Found, Unify, and Spirit) reveal the positive attitude behind Larhythmix’s composition process. 

Indeed, despite primarily being instrumentals, many of the nine tracks on this album exhibit a wholly positive feel, either through their comforting melodies or chilled-out, relaxed vibes. One highlight in this vein has to be the penultimate track Revival, which sees low, mellow synths underpinning a catchy but smooth melody. It is also worth dedicating some time to Sky, the organ-like synths and celestial melodies that provide a perfect backdrop to the gradually unfolding scenes of its AI-generated video. 

And whilst Larhythmix – Journey to the Sky might generate a lot of interest based purely on the innovative way that the video for Sky was made, let’s not forget that it is also an excellent album in its own right, with a highly melodic but ultimately cool and chilled out feel.  

Stream the Larhythmix – Journey to the Sky album on Spotify below!

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