John Lord Fonda – Together Again (Endrik Schroeder Remix)

The new remix of John Lord Fonda & Gabriel Afathi’s Together Again by Endrik Schroeder brings a novel edge to the Italo Disco & Melodic House/Techno track by turning the balance between the nostalgic sounds & melodies and the dynamic richness of modern music production style. The resulting synthesis sounds like something one would expect only from the Italian scene, but with enough idiosyncrasies to make the vibes on it completely new and different.

While it’s obvious that both producers have an ear for detail, it seems like the Grenoble-based Endrik Schroeder is shaping the overall atmosphere of the remix by creating the feeling of spaciousness through production and adding more perceptible, tactile impact to the track with the help of texturally dense sound-design, as opposed to John Lord Fonda, whose original version of Together Again was paving its way to the listener’s heart with its emotional and intricate melodic patterns, augmented by Gabriel Afathi‘s intense performance.

The latter’s presence on the new version is not as obvious and central as it was on the original. Endrik Schroeder buries the vocals of the French singer deep under the layers of atmospheric synths, rubbery bassline and pads. Moreover, by adding insane amounts of delay and reverb effects and creatively “soldering” them into the instrumental through filtering and EQ, the French producer flips the arrangement structure of the original on its head. The additional sound effects and creative panning emphasize the sense of adventure mixed with nostalgia even further on the Italo Disco & Melodic House/Techno music track, making the new interpretation even more “cosmic” than it was in the John Lord Fonda’s version.

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