JAFFNA Will Make ‘Headlines’ With Their New Music Video

The Parisian duo JAFFNA has dropped a fresh new track entitled, ‘Headlines’ via Enchanté Recordings with an uber-cool music video. Active since 2017, the duo is highly inspired by the electronic music scene of London, which is evident in their signature style. This track is a genre-defying release with Dubstep, Techno, D&B, Future Garage, and Big Beat influences. ‘Headlines’ is definitely an intriguing release, while the JAFFNA music video hypes up the track’s atmosphere even further.

‘Headlines’ by JAFFNA is an energetic track that is polished with innovative and evolving sound and vocals. The song pulsates with percussive energy, which gives this intoxicating cut a volatile feel. This track is rich in melodic composition with excellent production, allowing the listeners to feel lost in its rhythms. This Future Garage tune brings together an odyssey that will whisk you away by its hypnotic feel. The aura of this song is unbelievably opulent and will grip your attention in an instant. The Enchanté Recordings release, with its lyrical elements, will simply captivate you while the perfectly executed riffs keep the mix energized.

JAFFNA has crafted an outstanding and pretty unique track that will hook you with its intricate and catchy composition. While stripping down the song, it features hard-edged synth lines with vivid bass and enthralling vocals that bring a unique flair into the mix. The JAFFNA music video of ‘Headlines’ is extremely aesthetical, which elevates the listening experience to another level, depicting cyclists extraordinaire moving through the city’s landscape and architecture. Issued by Enchanté Recordings, it is definitely an awe-inspiring song with complex rhythms that shows the duo’s impeccable ear for infectious beats. This song flows effortlessly with twists and turns that keep the flow intensely gripping. ‘Headlines’ is surely an indication that the group is on the right track to making it big in the EDM sphere.

Stream ‘JAFFNA – HEADLINES’ on YouTube below!

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More About JAFFNA:

Jaffna, an atypical duo nourished by their influences of origins and travel, portraying an intimate style of electro music that highlights their touch of avant-garde and madness. Bravin, a classically trained pianist of Sri-Lankan origin and Stan, a French chef, came together through their interest for electronic music. Despite their occupational differences, their drive and intuition for making music seemed alike. Their ideas built a strong chemistry within the duo, and after many jam sessions and experimentation, helped to create Jaffna in 2014. The duo came together wanting to create a sound that highlighted their identity, culture and aesthetic. Amongst the two, they share a vast spectrum of culture and origin: French, German, English and Sri-Lankan.

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