Hukae & Control Freak Blend Their Fierce Styles on ‘Hold Up’

Hukae & Control Freak are two dynamic artists that are making their mark on EDM music with their brand of intense sounds. They have now merged their talents to release an explosive track entitled ‘Hold Up’ on Bassrush Music Records. This Hukae x Control Freak Dubstep collaboration is a highly destructive release that will tip the listeners over the edge. The song will seize all your senses with its eccentric power and force. 

This Hukae x Control Freak collaboration is a power fueled delivery with repetitive throbbing patterns that bang throughout its length. ‘Hold Up’ is bombarded with intense energy fired up by special dynamic effects that create an immense atmospheric vibe. Issued by Bassrush Music Records, the bright amalgamation of relentless club beats and devastating basslines make up for an incredible party song. The alluring production design with an aggressive pulsation brings out a resplendent zeal into this heavy-hitting track. The cranking fusion of punishing melodies and distorted glitches create an intoxicating spiraling oblivion.

The duo treats ‘Hold Up’ with ingenious melodic movements to develop a reverberating effect. The collaborative artists have flourished the song with resonating sound patterns. The track features a wave of deviating rhythmicity that will make your head bang uncontrollably. This tune is that infectious! This Bassrush Music Records issue explodes thunderously with bassy elements that pave the way for crashing synthlines and digitized flickers. The rhythmic section finds its rapid pace with purposefully violent crescendos.

‘Hold Up’ by Hukae & Control Freak is a sonic affair that holds intense tones mixed with vivid percussion. It is a stellar tune that is wrapped around the crispy kicks and hard-edged elements, creating a intoxicating soundscape that will give you goosebumps. The song is one meteoric release by the duo and we can’t wait to see them collaborate again.

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More About Hukae:

UK Based Producer & DJ Hukae is one of the leading names in the UK Dubstep/Riddim scene. He has created a name for himself and has cemented his place in the industry with his heavy productions and ferocious, energetic mixing style. His progression and determination landed him a spot in one of the biggest dubstep crews right now. The Mutants.

Hukae plays frequent sets in Belgium and across the UK and is supported by artists such as: Shiverz, AD, Akira, Raskol, Ayonikz, Mastadon, Atrix and many many more. With all that being said, this dubstep don is on the incline, gaining a large following at a staggering pace and its safe to say he has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

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