Harps & Chords Debuts with Trap Instant Classic ‘Woah’

Harps & Chords Debuts His First Release 'Woah'

Ever since trap music blew up, the genre has been continuously evolving with the emergence of new acts. These new trap artists are changing the game with the help of their own distinctive sounds. Harps & Chords is one of them.  Harps & Chords is a musical project started by Tyler Harper after he fell in love with EDM. He then started to work on his sound which led to him producing his first song ‘Woah.’ The title of the song justifies its energy perfectly and when you blast this tune on big speakers, you will understand perfectly what we mean!

Harps & Chords lands his debut release with panache. Never overly fussy or complicated, the track rolls out with that acid line keeping things locked-in throughout. The impetuosity is harmonious, but not overwhelming. This is one of those trap songs that slowly works its hypnotic spell, completely taking over the energy of the room.

Harps & Chords’ penchant for big-room melodic trap makes ‘Woah’ an instant trap classic. He shows off his flair for reflective rhythms with a spiritual stomper and revival synths. This song has got all the ingredients to make it a winner. Its infectious rhythms and big-room feel takes it past the confines of club space and out into the open domains of a celebration. Although ‘Woah’ is Harper‘s debut release, his sound is polished and distinctively stands apart.

‘Woah’ by Harps & Chords is a percussion-heavy bouncer which will almost certainly give you a much-needed bit of pep during a boring day in isolation. The energy that draws out from every layer of this track is infectious and promises to get those feet stomping and hips swaying. So, make sure to throw this one in your party playlists, and make your followers go ‘WHOA’!

Stream ‘Harps & Chords – Woah’ on Soundcloud below. You can also enjoy the song on Spotify!

More About Harps & Chords:

Harps & Chords is an electronic producer from Atlanta, Georgia. Three years ago, Tyler Harper, creator of the brand, fell in love with electronic music while studying at Oxford during the summer. He decided to leverage his experience with classical piano and saxophone by producing songs that create an excited, upbeat atmosphere. Since that point, he has worked every day to achieve a sound that he was proud of. “Whoa” is the first song he produced that he felt reflected his hard work and ability to mix. He currently attends Georgia Tech.

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