DYC drops Guess I’m Jaded Remix of Goldroom & Moontower

Dance Yourself Clean - Guess I'm Jaded Remix , Goldroom, Moontower

The irresistible Indie Dance group, Dance Yourself Clean has been dropping huge tunes as of late. They kicked off 2020 with the release of their groovy track, ‘Hustle’ which featured Back Talk and Madison. The song accumulated over 70k hits on Soundcloud alone. They later went on to drop more funky tracks and even put out a special EP entitled, ‘Quarantine Remixes.’ This extended play contained four remixed tracks including, ‘Genghis Khan’ by Miike Snow, ‘Ce Jeu’ by YELLE, and ‘Hands’ by The Ting Tings. Dance Yourself Clean‘s Guess I’m Jaded Remix is now out and it is a big one! Originally released by Goldroom & Moontower, this version of the song is simply majestic and will entice you with its infectious aura. 

DYC has a way of making their releases incredibly catchy and their remix of ‘Guess I’m Jaded’ by Goldroom & Moontower proves just that. It is a mesmeric cut that is structured with the flavors of both Indie Dance / Nu Disco and Pop & Electro Pop. The song is designed with stomping beats and soothing melodies that perfectly complements the catchy and captivating vocal. The group did an impressive work in blending all the appeasing elements together, giving this remix a unique edge. It is richly rhythmical with dynamic hooks that easily uplift the environment. 

Dance Yourself Clean’s Guess I’m Jaded Remix is polished with groovy beats that are perfectly arranged with the catchy vocal making it a graceful delivery. The song is driven by hypnotic synths, fidgety rhythms, and riveting melodies that echo throughout the track. While listening to the song, you will notice the kaleidoscopic extent of artistic creation. The track radiates the delicate and soft feel and offers a zealous vibe that will make you want to listen to it on repeat. 

DYC‘s Guess I’m Jaded Remix is a refreshing piece that unwaveringly works its way across the amazing vocal delivery and infectious percussive elements. The song does justice to the original by Goldroom & Moontower and features many uplifting moments. The group really gave this remix a different auditory dimension. We are enthralled by this track and can’t wait for their future releases. 

Download ‘Goldroom & Moontower – Guess I’m Jaded (Dance Yourself Clean Remix)’ HERE and stream the song on YouTube below!

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More About Dance Yourself Clean:

Dance Yourself Clean has been North America’s premier Indie Dance party for over five years and counting. What started from humble beginnings at a small bar in Seattle, Washington has grown into a movement that has taken the party across the country and even abroad, gaining loyal fans in every city it lands in. In the past several years DYC set out to cultivate the LA Indie-Pop’s scene and that it did, becoming ground zero for hearing the latest Indie Dance music or catching up-and-coming artists performing their newest songs. Not to mention always keeping the great Indie hits that have defined the genre over the years in the rotation. DYC is an immersive experience with heavy fog, penetrating lasers and custom touches around every corner. All setting the scene for an energetic dance party that will have you sweating and singing in no time.

After running their own record label (Lights & Music Collective) and producing for other artists for years, in 2019 “DYC” decided to turn their party into a music project. Releasing original music and remixes using the party’s moniker “Dance Yourself Clean”.

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