Emma Clair takes us to “The After Hours Club” [Whore House]

Emma Clair takes us to The After Hours Club with her dark and techy new House music single via the Wh0re House music label.
Emma Clair takes us to The After Hours Club with her dark and techy new House music single via the Wh0re House music label.

Manchester (UK) based DJ and producer Emma Clair returns with her first single following a 15-month break with a dark but roof-raising Tech House track titled The After Hours Club. While the track represents nightlife amongst all clubs that feature heavy dancing, it focuses on sampled audio from a Chicago news broadcast from the 90s about teenagers spending whole evenings into the mornings at these clubs. The music accompanying the sampled clips continues the signature sound of Emma Clair featuring House grooves with bits of Techno added. Emma Clair – The After Hours Club was well worth the wait as its intoxicating Techno rhythms offer up some very impressive head-banging drops throughout the track.

The song opens with a punchy four-on-the-floor kick drum pattern with offbeat hi-hat and electronic snare hits. The punchy kick drum quickly makes way for a deep thudding kick drum as the first sample from the news broadcast proclaims “The After Hours Club!”. A rolling bass pattern is added next to the mix along with rhythmic Techno synth accompaniments that highlight the continuing news footage including drops like “Do you know where your teenager is at 5 o’clock in the morning?”. This section is a slow-building riser that climaxes with the unleashing of a powerful and infectious drop where the rhythms that now hit you will make every body part move.

This intense drop section concludes with a developing tape-delayed washout of the “5 o’clock in the morning” sample. The beat then drops out leaving the Techno rhythms solo while also increasing in intensity as the rhythms double in time aided by another rolling bass and then followed by a drum riser that pushes the track to another satisfying and intense drop. The track ends with one final playthrough of the track’s groove still enriched with the deep thudding bass. Emma Clair – The After Hours Club is the perfect track to relieve your tension from the work week out on the dance floor of your choosing. It is great to have Emma back producing original single tracks again and we look forward to what is to come.

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