Digital Ethos returns to Bassrush with explosive track ‘Junkrat’

Digital Ethos (Philly-based producer Charlie Quiqley) is ending the year with a bang, courtesy of his latest track Junkrat. We’ve been waiting for some new Digital Ethos music since his Bassrush debut E352, which clocked up big numbers across all major streaming platforms. His signature wobbles come right up and slap you in the face, leaving you with no doubt as to why he’s a front-runner in the new Leftfield Bass music scene.

Junkrat takes no prisoners. From the second you hit play you’re met with a grinding bassline that teases what’s to come. Meanwhile the sharp, snappy snares and booming kick samples betray Digital Ethos‘s hip-hop roots. He blends them perfectly with some off-the-wall effects, twisted samples and micro-edits that create tension, anticipation and the feeling that you’re hearing something fresh and raw.

The driving force throughout Junkrat is the bass ostinato. It pushes and pulls throughout the track, relentless in its endeavor to transfix you with its hypnotic rhythm. Just as you think you’ve got your head around what it’s doing, it contorts itself into something new and outlandish, leaving you with bass-induced whiplash. We’ve come to expect nothing less from Digital Ethos.

Whilst you’re recoiling from that, your ears are treated to some nightmarish sample-chopping. The intricacy of it catches you by surprise; it feels like time is slowing-down and speeding-up simultaneously. Following these jump cuts are some frequencies that only proud owners of subwoofers can appreciate to their fullest. In true Bassrush fashion, the low-end power threatens to blow your brains out, meanwhile the high frequencies oscillate with just enough pressure to keep your brains right where they are.

Digital Ethos seems to be on a warpath, his sonic artillery obliterating anything that stands in the way. Following the success of his 2020 releases means that 2021 could be a busy year for him. This is the latest in a slew of top-tier releases. So far, each one has been better than the last. If you are looking for new Leftfield bass music, look no further and give Junkrat a listen and we’re sure that you’ll agree, Junkrat is a must have track for your Leftfield Bass playlists

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As a hip-hop fan turned electronic producer, Charlie Quigley is dedicated to making music that offers an escape to his listeners with no limits or boundaries. Though he’s only been producing music since 2015, Digital Ethos possesses artistry that can’t be taught in classes or tutorials — his innate desire to create and elevate electronic music is what fuels his experimental sound. He’s honed in his signature sound to the point that his style is immediately recognizable as his own, best represented on standout tracks like “Caughta” and “Heavy.”In just his second year of launching the Digital Ethos project, he joined REZZ on the Red Rocks stage for her iconic headlining REZZ ROCKS event in October 2018, and has since played festivals such as Electric Forest, Lights All Night, Escape, and Shambhala. Boundary-pushing projects are on the horizon for Digital Ethos throughout 2019 and beyond, as he’s consistently striving to create a whole new world for listeners to escape the one in which we’re confined.