Best new [DUBSTEP] Featuring new Figure, OnTronik and More! [Week 10]

Whether you are into the heavy, filthy, face melting dubstep or the vocal, Adventure Club type, brostep, sexstep, this playlist has something for you! Good vocal dubstep is pretty rare and today we are lucky to have 2 great free sexstep tracks. One of them is currently only available here, can’t say we don’t bring you great exclusive new freebies! I can already hear the dubstep heads complaining “Where’s the REAL dubstep at?”, scroll down to the 3rd soundcloud player, fasten your seatbelt and put your beer between your legs, the rest of the playlist will make your ears bleed…in a good way of course. This playlist features a lot of great new talents (and a name or two you will recognize) like Eddie Essa, OnTronik, We Bang, Affliction, Figure, Mr. Rush, Dysphemic, Miss Eliza and Riven. Enjoy the free music and don’t forget to share the good stuff!




FREE EP (Mixed genres but all heavy bass)

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