Back In Da Days # 1 – Marshall Jefferson + Benny Benassi [HOUSE]

Remember back in da days when music was composed on the dance floor ? Remember when all the producers had was a Rolland 303 ? Well this new feature will bring to you Old school joints from that far. It will obviously bring to you bangers that are not that old but the point is to bring back old classics or joints we forgot about. I sure hope you guys will enjoy this new feature and of course feel free to give us your comments so we can keep bringing to you the best of EDM music. This first edition brings us back to the birth of House music in Chicago back to the 80’s.




This tune right here was a huge track back in the 80’s. definitely not the type of house we getting these days lol.



BONUS !!! I don’t have a MP3 version of this but daaam it’s old school. Enjoy the video. One of the first of this genre from the UK

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