3 MUST-HEAR Drum & Bass Songs This Week

The 3 MUST-HEAR Drum & Bass Songs This Week are by Genesis Elijah, Bare Up, moekel, Aduken, Corrupted Mind, V and In The Lab Recordings!
The 3 MUST-HEAR Drum & Bass Songs This Week are by Genesis Elijah, Bare Up, moekel, Aduken, Corrupted Mind, V and In The Lab Recordings!

As October is crossing the threshold of midfall, Drum and Bass artists finally let us get the boisterous winds of some of the best DnB music of 2022. Make yourself cozy with the melodic Pieces, jump down the rabbit hole with Alice – one of the biggest underground collaborations of the year, and fall in with the new Grime and Hip-Hop-inspired urban ballad by Genesis Elijah: here are 3 MUST-HEAR Drum & Bass songs we picked for you this week!

The Graz-based Drum and Bass music artist moekel‘s debut album Loner is full of unique and emotional numbers that defy the stereotypes of the genre’s sound. The opening track Pieces is probably the best demonstration of moekel’s ability to create consistent and captivating songs, while messing around with innovative, sometimes even experimental concepts introduced into the techy world of liquid DnB music in 2022. The way Pieces aligns fuzzy, distorted lead vocals, acoustic instruments and animated drums makes it one of the most emotional manifestations of the fragmentation brought into our lives by the digitality.

Stream moekel – Pieces on Spotify below!

Alice is the result of three UK music artists getting together, Bare Up, Aduken and Corrupted Mind, to make a Drum and Bass banger that goes on the verge of insanity, and crosses it whenever you start thinking it’s used all the aces up its sleeves. The huge collaboration sounds unexpectedly coherent: layers upon layers of synths, drums, and percussion move like one single organism and keep pumping up the listeners with energy. It’s a movement that contains the aggressiveness of a Hardcore DnB track, but, at the same time, maintains the funky charm and fluidity of Neurofunk.

While having the mind-bending spatial treatment that can reshape the dimensions of the surroundings when played on speakers, Alice‘s sound-design is also weaponized to make its impact tangible even when played on headphones. A MUST-HEAR not only for the fans of the 3 Drum & Bass producers, but also for anyone who’s looking for new songs to update their Neurofunk and Jump Up playlists with something that has the best from both worlds! You can also grab the free download —> HERE!

Stream Bare Up & Aduken & Corrupted Mind – Alice on Spotify below!

Genesis Elijah is a British MC who constantly seeks for the freshest sound that can potentially open new fields of experiments for Grime and Hip-Hop artists from the Albion. On Undeniable, the artist’s debut on V Recordings produced by genre-molding superstar Shapes, Genesis Elijah’s passionate and lyrically complex Grime meets DnB and even walks further into RnB territories, making it undeniably one of the best examples of breaking the boundaries of all three music genres in 2022. While many examples of such collaborations tend to focus mostly on delivering the energy that comes from the combination of flows and groovy breaks, things are never that simple when it comes to Genesis Elijah. Sure, the skills of the London-born MC and the flawless production by Shapes make it impossible for the track to sound boring, but the wordplay and the bars by Elijah alone multiply Undeniable‘s replay value by 10.

The diversity in terms of sound, concept, production style and really any other aspects of all the 3 MUST-HEAR songs of this week also help one to grasp the hugeness of the Drum & Bass as a genre. If the fact, that all of those three songs have the same roots that can be traced back to a single song released in 1969 is not mind-blowing, then nothing is. In all cases, whether you’re looking for a melodic and sentimental sound to accompany you during rainy days, a straight-up underground party banger, or something lyrics-focused, it seems like this October all roads lead to DnB!

Stream Genesis Elijah – Undeniable on YouTube below!

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