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Soundcloud Reposts:

If you are interested in Soundcloud reposts, we offer the following deals:

20$ – 100 000 Followers

30$ – 250 000 Followers

40$ – 500 000 Followers

Just Paypal the money to with your Soundcloud link (single tracks only, no playlist) and your email address.

(We guarantee that you will receive plays & likes from real users around the world. No bots or automation. Reposts are scheduled for 24 hours minimum)

Full Feature (Blog post + Social Media Shares + Reposts):

Here’s a breakdown of the music promotion package we offer, I’m sure you can understand that since we invest our time and resources to promote your music, we require a donation for this service. For only 25$, we will:

  • Write a Review Article about your song on EKM.CO
  • Share the article on our Facebook and Twitter
  • Repost your song to more than 75 000 Soundcloud Followers

Investing 25$ is a very small amount to pay to expose your music to our fans, record label owners, EDM networks, PR companies and other artists. It will also boost the plays, likes and comments on your track.

We also offer custom promotion packages and reposts to fit your needs, starting as low as 10$, don’t hesitate to reach out on messenger or via email @ electrokillmedia (at) gmail (dot) com.


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