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Tribal Trap presents Goat Status, an epic EDM Trap music anthem by Wizard that elevates a 2010s classic Hip Hop song to orchestral scales and mixes the result with some fresh trends of 2023. Full of Lex Luger-style horn-sections, thundering 808s and sampled vocals that include Future‘s Covered N Money from 2014, the eclectic banger is somewhat nostalgic, but with enough nuances to make it avoid sounding like an iteration of past tendencies.

Goat Status starts with a moderate tempo, with most of the energy of the track in disguise and with the horn-section looped by Wizard in a way that makes it hard to guess what’s the actual tempo of the song. As the track progresses, Wizard builds up the tension with layers of rolling Trap percussion and minimalist synths, that somehow sound readable and separated in the stereo-field despite their thickness. The producer keeps increasing this intensity for about a minute and a half, until the drop hits with unstoppable energy, reinforced by Future’s vocals that are vocoded and drenched in autotune. This combination of the booming 808s, chopped-up vocal samples, and the horn-sections on the new Wizard Trap music song create a sound that’s both, aggressive and cinematic.

Wizard’s way of blending the sound of early 2010s with modern production tricks is subtle, and although its central elements tip the scale more to the side of the classic production style, structure and arrangement-wise Goat Status always reminds the listener that it’s been over a decade since the Atlanta rapper was changing the landscape of Rap with his series of mixtapes. Thus, the epic Hip Hop / EDM Trap music anthem becomes a bridge to the past for the nostalgic listeners, but since it’s a bridge, it’s also working in the opposite direction, becoming a path for those who are stuck in the Southern Dirty Sprite era sounds to the rapidly changing trends of 2023.

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