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Lukasoprom - Warfire is OUT NOW! This new Lukasoprom & Tribal Trap song brings a certified festival EDM Trap banger!
Lukasoprom - Warfire is OUT NOW! This new Lukasoprom & Tribal Trap song brings a certified festival EDM Trap banger!

Tbilisi-based producer Lukasoprom just released today a new song on Tribal Trap, a blazing-hot certified festival / orchestral EDM Trap banger titled Warfire. A deadly mixture of symphonic instrumentation and atmospheric synth sounds, Warfire‘s infectious beats are ideal for starting a mayhem on a heated summer party.

Warfire pumps the adrenaline right into the hearts of the listeners from its first seconds. With a grungy 808-bass, supported by a hazy pad, backing synths and rattling hi-hats, the cinematic style of Trap on Lukasoprom – Warfire reminds of some of the classic pieces by Hudson Mohawke and Lunice. Lukasoprom highlights every progression on the instrumental with an impactful horn hit, that eventually turns into this menacing, yet catchy sequence on the drop. Speaking of the latter, one may call it the most impressive moment on the track. The groove, created by the playful placing of the rhythmic accents of the kick and the fore-mentioned horn sequence, as well as their interlinked movement, feel especially physical and hard-hitting when the bassline from the verse parts comes back on the instrumental even more distorted and somehow louder.

The track is divided into two parts by an interlude-like section, on which almost all of the layers of the new Lukasoprom & Tribal Trap song are dropped, leaving the scene entirely to the atmospheric pad. While memorable on its own, the more exciting and dramatic part comes after this, when on the second drop section Lukasoprom changes the horn sequence and makes it truly epic and colorful with spacious cinematic stereo imaging and melodic choices. Being a certified festival EDM Trap banger, Warfire is another staple in the Georgian producer’s catalog, and certainly one of the spotlights of Tribal Trap’s series of summer releases.

Stream Lukasoprom – Warfire on Spotify below!

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