Lucy Monciel & Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi – Destiny [EDM]

Lucy Monciel & Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi - Destiny - EKM.CO
Lucy Monciel & Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi - Destiny - EKM.CO

Just when we thought we heard everything in the EDM department, Lucy Monciel & Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi took us by surprise with their unique and clever blend of Contemporary Classic, World Fusion Electronic and EDM. Their song “Destiny” successfully exploits  the energy, power and intensity of EDM with the tenderness and refinement of Contemporary Classical music. The choice to add Duduk solos (an Armenian instrument that you might have heard in the movies Gladiator and The Russia House) is brilliant, it adds a subtle world music flavor that harmonizes perfectly with the delightful piano arrangements and transcendent vocals. “Destiny” is  the result of extremely talented musicians that aren’t scared to think outside the box and do things differently, the music scene needs more artists like this. Make sure to follow them on social medias to stay up to date with their releases and tour dates.

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More about Lucy Monciel & Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi – “Destiny”:

The single Destiny was performed for the first time during the “Bringing Love show” by InterContinental Concerts. The song was born out of a collaboration between Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi (founder and producer of InterContinental Concerts) and Lucy Monciel to create a world fusion electronic track with Duduk solos (Armenian Instrument). Shahed is an award winning producer with a huge appetite for world music, while Lucy Monciel is an established singer/songwriter with colorful music tastes and voices. They both dream of building a multicultural environment and worldwide acceptance of diversity through their music. The concept of their song is the universal theme of fate, that is whatever you decide to give will always come back to you somehow. This song spells the magic word “destiny” that gives you the keys to the trance world of Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi and the middle eastern operatic sounds of Lucy Monciel.

InterContinental Concerts (ICC) is a multimedia production organization that produces music, live concerts, performance videos and feature films. ICC values diversity and promotes unity among all people on earth with the primary goal of bringing together artists from around the world to participate in various productions and projects and creating unique music events and shows. Since 2011, ICC produced concerts, music videos, and award-winning music tracks. These results were achieved by working with 145 artists from 45 countries.


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