LØREAN Impresses w/ Midtempo Bass Song ‘Feel Love For Me’

Fresh on the heels of his collaborative single ‘Good Girl’ with Anna, the Russian sound maverick, LØREAN is back with another impressive release. This time, he has treated the fans with a solid Midempo Bass banger called, ‘Feel Love for Me.’ Premiered on Don Diablo’s Hexagon Radio, the track blew us away with its superlative production and sound design. This new LØREAN music is a club heater that will ring through your body and soul while leaving you in a spellbinding stupor. This artistic depiction from the Russian DJ and producer plunges the listeners into a divergent realm where euphonious melodies and stimulating instrumental arrangements fused together seamlessly. It is certainly the kind of outstanding Midtempo Bass music that we anticipate for 2021. 

This new LØREAN music opens with a mysterious melancholy but instantly launches with gratifying vocals that transform the environment. The powerful synth lines bleed through the layer of seductively catchy vocals that feel extremely infectious. Featured on Hexagon Radio, the artist has unleashed pulsating percussion that catapults the tune into the throes of buzzing energy. The song is layered with intensifying rhythmic patterns that deepen the atmosphere around you. This new Midtempo Bass music will surely make it to many new-year eve playlists.

This reverberating song is laden with stirring drops that explode with the jagged, raw-edged bassline and analog synths. Following the drop, ‘Feel Love for Me’ goes for an energetic facelift. This section of the new LØREAN music is rampant with broken vocals and distorted beats that will wash over you. The sound brings a futuristic aura with frenzied momentum. The sonic palette of this tune overlaps perfectly with soft and hard elements. Aired on Hexagon Radio, this tune will also make a splendid addition to your workout playlists.

While vocals remain intact in the pace, the energy of ‘Feel Love for Me’ continues to rise and fall, leaving the audience wondering what’s next to come. This new Midtempo Bass music might very well become one of your favorite new Midtempo Bass tune. We’re delighted to witness this passionate release by LØREAN and just can’t wait for him to drop more bangers like this one.

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More About LØREAN:

Sergey Kaptelinin aka Lørean – sound producer and DJ from Russia. Lørean was support artist of show from ARTY (ARTY pres. ALPHA 9). Now he writes electronic music that has no boundaries in such styles as midtempo, downtempo, future bass, leftfield bass, bass house, electronica and different types of experimental sounds. Sergey worked with musicians such as Culprate (OWSLA, Nest HQ, etc.), LAUD. He also received support from Don Diablo, Fedde Le Grand, ARTY, Alison Wonderland, Night Owl Collective (Insomniac), major YouTube channels (MrMoMMusic, INSPECTED), and other Russian artists.

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