Kayp – Harvest is a Brutal New Dubstep Anthem on Buygore

Kayp - Harvest, Buygore Dubstep, best Dubstep playlist on Spotify

If you like jamming to real bass-heavy music then Kayp will surely be your poison! He is a gifted producer who has mastered the craft of composing dark, and intense tunes. Hailing from Denver, he is popular for his tracks like ‘Love Me Better,’ and ‘Brutality.’ He is now back with a crazy new tune called, ‘Harvest.’ This Buygore Dubstep release is a lethal cut that will take you to the sinister world of the artist. Just like the rest of his tunes, this track features a creepy atmosphere and fantastic sound design. It is an aggressive tune that will surely end up in the best Dubstep playlist on Spotify. Kayp – Harvest is what nightmares are made of. And no, we are not exaggerating. This song really is that eerie and powerful!

Kayp – Harvest is a monstrous tune that we didn’t see coming. It is chaotic, destructive, and simply brutal. The song’s spooky ambiance will surround you from the start as edgy bass patterns and bright synths mingle, sending chills down your spine. This Buygore Dubstep tune then starts to build-up, preparing you, or at least trying, for the sheer insanity that is about to unfold. But hold up! It would be a good idea to prepare yourself here as this track has one of the most violent drops we have heard in a while. This section will suck your soul before melting your brain with crunchy basslines, dirty leads, and vocal snips. This track takes absolutely no prisoners, making it an essential pick for the curators to include it in the best Dubstep playlist on Spotify.

We are not going to lie, Kayp – Harvest truly made us go nuts when we first heard it. This Buygore Dubstep number is pure madness. It is a fierce track that will penetrate your body with its sharp instrumentation. This song has all the right ingredients to be made a part of the best Dubstep playlist on Spotify!

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More About Kayp:

Kolby Benton, known professionally as Kayp, is an EDM producer and DJ from Denver, Colorado. Mostly known for his releases on Buygore Records such as: “Love Me Better”, or his collaboration with Borgore “Brutality”. Kayp – Harvest is his latest track to be released by Buygore.

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